Friday, March 7, 2008


Listening to this old chart's hit makes me feel that Vonda Shepard, while trying to come up with the words to put in this song, read my palm and saw a glimpse of what my future relationship status will be, thus, creating the lyrics that fit perfectly well to describe how I am feeling right now. The words are like a replica of my emotions that the instant I hang up on the phone with my boyfriend, I can hear the song echoing on my mind.

My relationship with my boyfriend is currently on the rocks. Okay, for those who know my story, I know you will raise your eyebrows for sure and I can almost hear you all saying, "Was there ever a time it was smooth ?" I have an answer on that one. Yes, it has been smooth for a brief time, but like they said, the sea is always calm before the storm. Things have been going on my way recently, or at least I thought so. I was made to believe a romantic lie. All along I thought the winds have changed and blown to the direction favoring my side but then I am wrong. The facade was built well enough, so convincing to reality that it tricked the wits out of me. Now thinking about it, had I really been that stupid to have let myself be deceived with all that ? Of course, deep in my heart I know and believe that I'm nobody's fool. I allowed things to happen that way because I gave him the benefit of the doubt and trusted him so much, not to mention the great love I have for him. Still, my reasoning would not be of importance to anything right now. I'm totally broken and hurt, trying to soothe my pain alone, while listening to Vonda sing:

"You would run around and lead me on forever,
While I wait at home still thinking that were together,
I wanted our love to last forever.

I'd rather you be mean than love and lie,
I'd rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye,
Id rather take a blow at least then I would know,
But baby dont you break my heart slow."


  1. Everything happens for a reason, KM. Be glad that you got over that pretentious relationship with the ex-bf and is now happily and eternally bonded with the love of your life.


  2. Thanks, Lainy! I'm really thankful that phase of my life is over, and I'm now happily married with Vince whom I share a wonderful life with :)

  3. i remember this time...was so confused with your relationship in the first place and was annoyed with you for breaking up with your previous bf. hahaha...but lainy is right. everything happens for a reason and im so glad that after all this, you found vince, who is such a great guy! no more broken hearts, just lots of love and laughter.


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