Monday, September 3, 2012


Continuing on Hawaii Day 3...

After our sentimental visit to Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial, our tour group headed on to Polynesian Cultural Center where a buffet lunch was waiting for us, but before that, we had quick stops at Dole Plantation, Sunset Beach and Laie Point.


I was excited when I found out that Dole Plantation was part of our itinerary that day because about a couple of weeks before we left for Hawaii, I read in Yahoo that Dole Plantation has the world's largest maze as per the Guinness Book of Records.  However, we were scheduled to stop for about 15 minutes only, so our friendly tour guide warned us that it takes at least 30 minutes to finish that maze.  That having said, we unfortunately never got to experience getting lost inside the maze.

The world famous non-dairy ice cream, "Dole Whip."
We met a lot of people in Hawaii who were wondering if we're newlywed
or honeymooners.  They thought we're "cute" and all "giggly" plus
matching Aloha outfits.  We told them that we often get that
impression from people whenever and wherever we travel - matching outfits or not ♥
So after a few photo opps and a quick stroll around the plantation, Vince and I headed back to the tour bus.  Our tour guide joked that if anybody's 10 minutes late, they'd have to do the hula on the bus, but if 15 minutes, they'd have to do the hula where the bus was.  Hehe!


This beach in North Shore of Oahu took my breath away.  We stopped here for a quick 5-minute bathroom break but I couldn't resist not testing the waters.  This beach is known for big waves during surfing season, with waves that go as high as telephone poles!

Sunset Beach is where several famous surfing competitions are held including Duke Kahanamoku Classic surfing competition, O'Neill World Cup of Surfing competition, and also Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational.


Puka rock
Final stop before Polynesian Cultural Center was Laie Point.  We could already feel drizzles of rain then so everyone in the group was in a real hurry to take a picture of the "Puka Rock." According to our tour guide, a big, strong wave crashed against the rock and caused that hole.  Just as everybody got their chance for a picture of the famous rock, it started pouring like crazy.

Okay, I'll end this here now because Polynesian Cultural Center is a different story.  There are so much things we did there and lots of new info I learned - it's better I make a separate blog entry for that :)  Until then, ciao for now!


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  1. Todo na ito! I love the idea of you too giggling and having fun like honeymooners...

    Hindi naman halatang in love kayo sa isa't-isa. :)

  2. My goodness! That Sunset beach is really captivating. Looking at the photo, I was mesmerized with the beauty of nature. Pero lalo akong namesmerized kasi andun ka sa photo. :)

  3. WOW! Yan lang ang masi-say ko. Ke ganda-ganda pala ng Hawaii. Hehehe. Meron pa bang next post, ate?

  4. sayang di nyo natapos ang maze, bakit nman kasi 15 minute lang stop over if it takes 30minute para maikot ng

  5. you are a gorgeous couple! love those matching outfits that perfectly suit you...smiling as I read on the hula dancing joke hehehehe, that beach looks so inviting and would take away anyone's breath! hmmm pahingi ng ice cream hehe, :D

  6. love always the happiness expressed in your eyes, KM, and you look so pretty and gorgeous, and your dress really is awesome for the beach. both you and hubby look so happy. Sunset Beach makes me want to dip in the water, NOW! :)


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