Saturday, November 17, 2012


If you have your sights set firmly on a quality cruise getaway in the coming months then there are plenty of options out there for you but a trip on the P&O Oriana has to be up there with the very best. One point worth noting from the outset though is that the remarkably sleek and luxurious vessel only admits adults and so families with children will need to look elsewhere for their next adventure. The good news though if you're planning to travel perhaps as a couple or as a group of friends is that there are some excellent offers being made on tours aboard the Oriana in the coming months.

Prices on even the most amazing packages like those covering several weeks during December are less expensive than you might imagine and there surely can't be many finer ways to spend Christmas than to be cruising around the Eastern Mediterranean. But if you have other plans for the festive period then what better way to start the new year than with a trip on the Oriana that sets off from Southampton and takes in a string of awesome locations in the Eastern Atlantic from the Canaries to Casablanca before heading back to the UK.

There are tours of the Caribbean available as well in the early part of 2013 if you are committed to landing yourself a real once-in-a lifetime cruise holiday experience. It can be wonderful to plan a cruise well in advance and to give yourself something really special to look forward to but the best way to grab yourself a heavily discounted package offer is to book at virtually the last minute. There are last minute cruises on the likes of the Oriana being made available on a weekly basis and by taking advantage of them you could end up saving some really worthwhile sums.


  1. To travel and to experience being in a cruise with family is really part of my bucket list.

    This Oriana adventure looks really interesting :)

  2. Pangarap ko ang makapag cruise getaway! Pero hanggang pangarap na lang muna sya but I hope in the near future e matupad din yun.

  3. it is great to find deals on last minute cruises, and enjoy a vacation at lower cost. :)


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