Thursday, December 4, 2014


Vince is now a TV star. Or so we joke. Hehe! He very recently was interviewed by our local Fox News regarding one of the most talked about topics during cold season, that is the flu vaccine. He didn't say yes right away when they asked him if he's okay to do the interview. He said that he'd talk to me about it first. When I asked him why the hesitation, he told me "he's shy".  *Totosh!  Well, he has done a couple of interviews for our local radio station, and every now and then, he does lectures for a good number of people, so there was no doubt in my mind that he'd do just great on TV.

Anyway, Vince did the interview, and it was aired on TV the day after. When I saw it, I thought, hmmm... he sounded legit, LOL!  Kidding aside, I'm one very proud wifey here. Why wouldn't I be? He looked really handsome on screen -- uyyyy, telegenic ☻ His suit and tie complemented his looks -- ♥kilig! He was very articulate (as always) and spoke with authority and credibility regarding the topic at hand. I have to mention here that he wasn't given the questions pre-interview, so he was basically answering them on the spot (*lunok*). When they were done, the interviewer commended him for being a "natural." Apparently, some of the doctors they have interviewed needed cue cards, whereas Vince breezed through it like a pro ;) Yap, that's my husband right there ☺ 

Okay, enough talk now. I'm starting to steal my husband's thunder. Hehe! This is his moment, and so allow me to share to you a clip of his interview:

So, whatchathink? ;) #proudwife

*PS: Totosh is our family's very own signature one-word expression and often used when we tease each other or when Vonn Kaleb is being adorably and irresistibly cute! ☺ I wish you could hear how we say it. Totosh!

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