Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The Hotel Hershey

For my 31st birthday, Vince gave me the sweetest hug ever - a Hershey Hug.  Before you get the sweet tooth craving, let me explain first what a Hershey Hug is; so, stay with me for a while and read on to find out.

Hershey Hug is one of the many day packages being offered at The Spa at The Hotel Hershey (affectionately known as The Chocolate Spa).  It is a signature chocolate-themed spa package comprised of:
  • SPA RAIN SHOWER (8 minutes)

    This refreshing treatment basically imitates a heavy rain shower with water jetting out from about 15 to 20 shower heads aimed all over your body including one big shower head on top.  To make the experience more fun, a spa attendant will then use a pressurized hose to target your back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet and palms.  Honestly, after I had this treatment, I thought about installing a dozen shower heads in our bathroom :D
  • HYDRATING BODY WRAP (50 minutes)

    This soothing treatment involves exfoliation scrub followed by application of rich lavender body butter combined with lavender therapeutic complex of 100% pure essential oils, after which your whole body will be wrapped with two layers of special blankets to keep you warm and promote hydration of skin. Relax while scalp and foot massage is enjoyed.
  • COCOA MASSAGE (50 minutes)

    I could not agree more when they said that "only in Hershey are you able to relax and enjoy chocolate without a single calorie."  This signature chocolate scented massage oil along with classic Swedish massage is definitely a spa blockbuster.  The massage was truly soothing I fell asleep.  If only I could stay longer... 50 minutes was just never enough.

In between treatments, I got to enjoy the other spa facilities including the Sauna Room and Jacuzzi (temperature is so hot in both the sauna and whirlpool that they only allow maximum of 10-minute use at a time) as well as the hotel's indoor pool.  The fitness center has a gym as well and if you want to soak up in the sun, the outdoor pool is also available.  I enjoyed my me-time at The Oasis restaurant, wherein I got to eat a healthy buffet lunch - in my spa robe and slippers.  While waiting for treatment appointments, there are relaxation rooms where you can lounge in - complete with reading materials, chocolates and drinks provided.  The Aromatherapy Inhalation Room smelled so zen-ly good.  I noticed that most of the clients prefer lounging in the Quiet Room, I would guess, because not only that it is a room with a view (overlooking Hotel Hershey gardens and nearby mountain ranges), but also because of the treats you can find in here.  Unlike the inhalation room which only serves unlimited supply of Hershey Kisses chocolates and lemonized water, the Quiet Room has unlimited decadent chocolate drink, coffee, tea, fruits and oh-so-mouthwatering muffins and other delicacies.  One thing I also loved in this spa is the relaxation music it plays everywhere in the treatment area. I would not be surprised if the music they play has some kind of subliminal message because for some reason my mind kept on relating my spa experience to GREEN TEA.  For real, I seriously craved for Starbucks Green Tea Frapuccino before going home then. 

In conclusion, I would say that the Hershey Hug is a wonderful, luxurious pampering every lady would love.  Even the spa attendant was jealous when I told her that it was my husband's birthday present for me.  She said, "Your husband should talk to my husband."  Now, I can't hardly wait for my next birthday.  Hehe ! 


Rejuvinated and revitalized at 31 ! :)
 ~ I love you, Vince ~


  1. WOW! Gusto ko rin ng ganyan sa birthday ko, hahaha! That must be so exciting, KM!

    Pampering yourself on your most special day is one beautiful gift to yourself especially if it came from the husband himself ;-)

  2. Oo, exciting and addicting, Laine. Medyo mahal lang talaga kaya hindi ako makabalik ulit. Maybe on my next birthday na lang. Hehe!

    Thanks for always dropping by here and leaving me comments, Laine. I really appreciate that.



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