Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Guess what Vince and I did for Fourth of July?  Fireworks??? Of course, not!  We did something that's a whole lot more fun than that!  We went to Walmart and bought a Wii game console with Mario Kart game :D

Only recently did I learn to play Mario Kart but I can say that my "driving skills" have been improving ^^ In fact, it has only been two days since we got our own Wii, and I have already unlocked 50cc race cups, a medium kart, and a couple of characters (King Boo and Diddy Kong).  I searched online for walkthrough in unlocking characters, cups and karts, as well as other techniques and tips.  So today, we skipped gym and chose to "work-out" our dexterity skills instead.  Looks like somebody's going to be a gamer.  LOL. 

I'd love to hang around more and blog but I can hear that Vince is playing in our room, so I'm leaving now because I have to cheer on my husband ;)  Adios quezitos!

Wanna race with Princess Peach? ;)

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