Monday, July 25, 2011


Vince and I visited our friend (and his wife) in New York who celebrated his birthday this past Saturday.  We had dinner at his place and there were about seven other guests who joined the party.  He and his friends in New York had a unique way of serving the birthday cake, wherein after the celebrant did the first slice, each guest took turns in slicing, however, in order according to one's birthday.  So the person whose birthday follows the celebrant's gets to slice next and so on for the rest of the guests.  That was the first time I've encountered such "practice" and it struck me as interesting, fun, "intimate" in the sense that it promotes bonding among friends, and also a good "ice breaker."

me with the birthday boy !
it's Vince's turn to slice !

Another first time experience for me was to eat a yellow watermelon.  It tastes the same as the red ones, only sweeter and juicier.  *Watermelon is my all-time favorite fruit!*

How sweet ! :D

More details of my New York trip will be posted tomorrow as I launch Tuesday Travel in my blog !  Thanks for dropping by :)


  1. Uy! Interesting to ah! Sana ginawa ko rin to nong bday ko, hehehe!

    Pang MYM tong post na to KM dahil sa yellow watermelon ;-)

  2. Yes, Lainz! Sa next 25th birthday mo, pauso mo jan :) Ang fun kasi lahat nakaka-slice ng cake tapos lahat may picture. Hehe!

    Korek, pang MYM 'to at BM at RT na din :D

  3. Hahaha! OO nga! Gagawin ko yan sa next bday ko kaso mukhang di na ata dito yon, mukhang sa OZ na. Hopefully :-)

    Tama nga pala ano? Hakot meme na etong post na eto, hehe!

  4. ngayon ko lang nabasa ang post na ito...

    very interesting ang yellow watermelon...

  5. Nkatikim n rin ako ng yellow watermelon, kso prang hndi ako sanay n yellow sya...


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