Wednesday, February 29, 2012


White hooded vest - Aeropostale
Thermal undershirt - Kohl's
Snow pants, jacket and gloves - thrift buy from
Recently, Vince and I went on a ski trip.  That was the first time we've gone to such, so we needed to buy the essentials including waterproof pants and jacket and thermal layers.  We did look up in the Internet what materials are appropriate for such winter activity, and we found out that cottons are definitely a no-no, for the main reason that cottons sup up water.  Wool, fleece and polyester are recommended.  You just never know how much rolling in the snow you'd end up doing, so the idea is to outfit yourself with something that does not absorb or trap water to keep yourself warm and dry ☻


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  1. kainggetness monster! mararanasan ko din yan. lol!

    1. Imbisibol mode muna lately kasi busy-busyhan sa designing. Katatapos lang ulit. Namiss ko na nga din sila. Asan na ba ung mga yon?

    2. Ay! Kinabahan metch festival naman akez sa paggetredi to bring you to starbucks. Mag-iipon na ko nyan from now. Pa-senti sentimo. Lagay ko sa alkansya with label "PARA SA KAPE NI Kemers, HUWAG GALAWIN!"

      Anyway, soobrang natutuwa ako at napagalak talaga kita ng wagas sa tawas update na yan. Baka gusto mo ding basahin ung trivia post ko sa womenschoice? Dali hop ka dun!

  2. wow, sa isang saglit from Pinas to America ka na...hehehe

  3. hi sis, na-basa ko yung comment mo sa blog ko ngayon. nasa PA ka pala! asan sa PA ka ngayon? we're living near Lake Erie, it's on the north western part of PA.

  4. Hello Ms. KM! I just got your comment, sorry for the late reply.

    About that, so far I have published 3 poems on my blog. The one where you left a comment, and the other two:

    Fuck Love

    About this post, I think I have no pamasahe yet to go somewhere with real snow, so bili nalang ako yelo sa planta at ipakaskas ko sa katulong ng Landlord namin at ilagay dito sa kwarto. Haha. You guys definitely look like you had fun! My friends from Sanfo said that sometimes the cold is unbearable na. It's like you feel uncomfortably moist all over because of the cold. I hope you guys are safe and healthy. Even sa Italy where snow is quite rare, not even an inch -- my friend said na ngayon bigla nagka snow. Global warming is messing up stuff. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. We cannot risk a world of uncertainty for our future kids.

    Tingnan mo ang comment ko, kung san san na napunta. Pfffttt!

  5. Grabee! :) Wala ako masabi!
    PEro may nasagap akong new info dito, Ate. About sa waterproof na mga gears! HEHEHEHE!

    Malay ko, baka one day ma-experience ko din yan.

  6. Kelan ko pa kaya masusubukan yan ate KM? Hehehe. Sibrang nagenjoy ka talaga. Halata oh :)

  7. that is awesome Sis Karen, am sure skiing is fun and lot of adventures :-) love the picture too :-) Visiting from #62 of 366 BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  8. how i wish i could skiing on real snow..waaaaaah!

    ..dropping by from BPC #62.

  9. Hello! walang snow dito. Halo halo lang. Hahaha! Uyyy sorry ha. Dami ko na absent. naging invisible me these past days. Sorry sa inyong lahat ng mga kaberks. I'm sure naiintindihan nyo naman di ba?

    Have a great week end! Miss u all! :)

  10. oh, how cool! I miss skiing...too bad ala kasing snow dito sa!

    thanks for linking at BPC sis!

  11. Cool photo! Galing naman:)

    Visiting from the challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  12. Ah! You look like a pro. I have never been skiing before and would gladly do so. :) Visiting via BPC.

  13. wow would love to try skiing for sure! Looks like a lot of fun!

    Visiting from Photo Blog Challenge and my entry is here:

  14. wow! looks like you're really having fun...

    learned a lot from this post... pasensya na at medyo invisible mode pa din ako dami pang inaayos sa buhay pamilya...hehehe

    Absent na muna sa meme mo para mabigyan ng chance yung iba. Ewan ko na lang sa pag napili pa ako e wala na akong entry...LOL!

    I miss you. Miss ko na kayung lahat...;)

  15. i bet its expensive. i know skis attire are coz i went winter clothes hunting at gander mountain and usually they cost more than a hundred. it has to be thinsulate with a certain grams. if u stayed outside u need to have more than 200grams of thinsulate, and waterproof of course. =) sa Mountain Top to sis?
    from BPC

  16. Looks super fun! While kami dito, ang lalapit lang sa mga ski resorts but we never dared try experiencing skiing! Haha. Saka nalang pag si daughter na mag-a-ask to go to one! :D

    BPC hop!

  17. pangarap ka na lamang..hahaha..
    keep on dreaming sheng..heheh
    late visit from BPC#62


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