Friday, October 26, 2012


It was Vince's birthday a few days ago.  We celebrated his birthday over hearty dinner and laughs at The Catch and Oyster Bar in Albany, GA, with our dear friends, Tin and Erwin.  Our friends just came back from a quick trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, which Vince and I were supposed to have also gone with.  Unfortunately, due to conflicts in schedule, we weren't able to join them, and so our dinner conversations were filled with stories on how their trip went, and making plans for future trips together to New Orleans, Atlanta, Florida, and anywhere we could think of.  Hehe!

My friendship with Tin and Erwin dates back in 1995.
After dinner, we headed to Tin and Erwin's home to spend the night, but little did we know that we'd be staying there until the following night.  The following day was like an extension of Vince's birthday.  Tin prepared a wonderful bacon and omelet breakfast for us, and during lunch, we all feasted on shrimps and crabs that they brought home from New Orleans.  The pregnant, crab-deprived me didn't back down.  I cut my thumb while cracking open my fourth crab.  Yes, I conquered cracking and eating four meaty crabs, and I don't think I've ever eaten that much crabs in the past!  Vince has sensitivity to seafood, so he took a dose of Benadryl for prophylaxis, and was really wary on eating them.  Shortly after lunch, Benadryl knocked Vince down, so he slept until about 6:30 p.m. just in time when I finished working, and a couple of hours or so then, we were on our way back to Adel.

Mardi Gras masks from New Orleans.
Well, honestly, I felt terribly guilty for my inadequacy of not making any plans ahead to celebrate Vince's special day :(  Going to Albany was more of a last minute decision, i.e., biglaang lakad na natuloy.  Vince has always been big on surprising me on my birthdays, showering me with luxurious gifts, fancy dining, arranging reservations, and ensuring that we celebrate my birthday in a special way, no matter what.  On the contrary, I put little effort on planning for his birthday :(  Even the gift that I bought online with expedited shipping didn't make it on time for his birthday, and was only delivered the day after :(  I'm sincerely thankful to our friends in Albany who graced us with their time to celebrate with us and made Vince's birthday a happening.  I'm disappointed at myself for not being the thoughtful wife I should be, but I resolve to be better and make it up with him, not only on his birthdays but in our every day life together.

Vince, you've been a very good husband and friend to me, and I know that you will be the best father for our children as well.  I am so blessed that God chose me to be your helpmeet in life, and I pray that He bring many more years to you, and that He will always take care of you, bless you, and keep you.  I love you very much.

You don't need a suit or cape to be a superhero.  You already are to me! ♥


  1. glad to see your photos KM, always am inspired to see happy young couple such as you and Vince. You make me LOL with Vince taking Benadryl before eating crabs, hahaha, my hubby questions me about that habit ( I have bad allergies, yet, when I am dying to eat crabs sometimes, I would take claritin first) then, go buy crabs, he said why am I so crazy about crabs that I will endanger my health? Now, reading that a doctor does it too, I may have to ask my hubby read this post, only that Vince shows caution eating it. I am sure Vince appreciated your birthday surprises despite you think it may not be too special, I am sure, for Vince, it IS! Happy weekend to you both.

  2. happy birthday Doc Vince! Preggy look ka na talaga girl kahit pa nakaupo lang yung pix mo dito.. at me emo mode ka din.. ha ha, hormones yan... he he!

  3. Happy birthday kay Doki! I believe you and the baby are the best gift.

  4. Happy belated birthday to Vince! Last time ako kumain ng crabs nahiwa din ako. hehe!

  5. That was one cool celebration Teh! Don't feel guilty. Dokie is lucky twice as much for having you both as a wife and a friend. That completed the package on his big day ;-) Oh sya! Ngiti na dyan. Hahaha! Si Baby Boy nakangiti na rin :-)

    Again, belated happy bday, DokIe!


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