Monday, October 29, 2012


One of Vince's colleagues, Dr. Jay and his Filipina wife, Ms. Adeline, organized a party for us which was held at their home last night.  The reason behind the party was to introduce us to the Filipino community, and let the townsmen know as well that there are a couple of new doctors for Cook Medical Centre, one of them being Vince.  The date of the party was originally set for a couple of weeks earlier, but since Vince and I thought we were going to New Orleans then, it was moved to yesterday, and the hosts decided to make it a costume party also. 

Before dinner time, the men had a little fun with skeet shooting and football action on TV while the ladies prepare the food -- except of course for me, who lazily stayed at our home, vegetated, and rested.  Hehe!  Anyway, come dinner, Vince picked me up and off to the party we went ☻

Spandex and leather won't work with my 5-month belly anymore, so I dressed as a Queen Bee, and it worked! 
Robin (Vince) posed with an inked biker (Dr. M) and a Rastafarian (Dr. M's son)
The other new doctor, Dr. H, and her family.  Dr. H.'s young daughter sew Dr. H.'s costume -- from scratch.  Cool!
Dr. J's son as Gumby.
Lady Zorro!
Vince and I don't celebrate Halloween, hence, we chose costumes that were nondescript for Halloween.  Besides, as I mentioned above, the party was not intended to celebrate Halloween, but to introduce us to the community.  While there were guests who came dressed as witches, scarecrow, monster and she devils, there were also who were dressed as a hula lady, princess, race car driver, retro, football player, and non-Halloween-likes.  Vince and I definitely liked our colorful costumes a lot that when the party was over, we had a short photo session at home, before changing into our jammies and hanging Robin and Queen Bee inside the closet ;)

Don't we make a lovely pair? ♥

For a sneak peek of what's inside my closet, please visit:

And nope, they're not for sale ☺



  1. Awww. This looks fun! And the buntit is still sexy! :)

  2. awwwwww ang cute namn ng costumes nyo ni Vince lalo na ikaw! I love the last 3 photos! Super lovely pair talaga!

  3. Ang sexy mo KM,you don't look like pregnant ;)

  4. We don't celebrate Halloween too, teh Karen. Cool choices of costumes! Ang taray teh! The bump wasn't so obvious. But of course! You are a lovely pair! :-)

  5. i love your choice of costume for both you and Vince KM, you look so good in your costume and exuding so much happiness.

  6. aww! kakainggit! In time for your anniversary celebration :)

  7. You both are looking great! By the way the font that I'm using is comic sans :).

  8. You're indeed a lovely pair. Robin have muscles, cool.

  9. that's so nice of your friend to organized a party for you and doc...:) ang cute ng costumes, lovely couple talaga. love the photoshoot at home, :)


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