Friday, August 14, 2015


After giving our dirty, soot-stained, red brick fireplace the makeover it badly needed late last year, I moved on to my next home improvement DIY project. It was after I helped repaint our church's nursery room that I got the inspiration to revamp my son's room at our home. He has had a pirate ship for a toddler's bed, so I thought what better theme to match it than nautical, right?

So early March when I started on this project. I didn't get to finish it though until May. It wasn't a big project at all but with a very active toddler around me all day, I hardly could get any painting done during the day. Plus, there were travels and other commitments and glitches in between, so it had to take the backseat for a time. I was happy and relieved when I finally completed it.

Now, here's a little tour of my son's nautical themed room:


Yours truly in action. It's amazing what a can of paint could do to a room.
It transformed the mood from neutral to fun. I love the ocean-y vibe this shade
of blue elicits and it set the stage for the theme at hand.

With the help of my ScanNCut, I was able to create a couple of wall arts.
Credits also go to hundreds and hundreds of ideas available thru the Internet.
This was my first attempt to DIY a wall art and I personally believe I nailed this one!
Reading nook for my boy's first library. He has a growing collection
of books that as of now, this shelf is no longer enough to hold all of his books.
Also, this photo was taken in May, and since, we have brought in a couple of friends
(Grover and Donald Duck) for that lonesome brown bear.

With my little boy who constantly inspires me to do things I have never done before.

"I'll love you forever, I'll love you for always,
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be." - Robert Munsch

The second of two DIY wall arts I made. The three wall decors surrounding the frame I made
was part of the nautical bedding set I bought online from Amazon.

The letters spelling out my son's name were originally painted white.
I repainted them with dark blue paint which provided a good contrast against the light blue background. I didn't want to ruin the newly painted wall by driving nails into it, so we used putty tack to hang those letters. Surprisingly, they are holding very well!
Also, since this picture was taken, I have added a valance to that small window similar to the one hanging on the bigger window. 
To get the nautical theme going, I bought a new set of bedding which included 2 pcs of valance,
three wall decors, toy hamper, diaper stacker, pillows, quilt and fitted sheet.
Recently, we added a big wall clock and a nautical themed photo frame.
We featured pictures from each of our Caribbean vacations over the past two years, namely
Bahamas, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Jamaica :)

Overall, I am well pleased with how this project turned out. Of course, my toddler's room is not always this immaculate. In fact, I think the only time it was this organized was when I took these pictures. LOL! Bottom line, I love how Vince and I were able to tie everything up together to create this cute and cozy nautical themed room for Vonn Kaleb 

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