Thursday, October 13, 2016


"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." 
Today, we learned about one of God's lovely creatures, the BUTTERFLIES:
  • Some people call them "winged flowers."
  • Although it may seem that butterflies have two wings, they actually have four wings (two big and two small).
  • God gave them a job to do, and that is to spread pollen!
  • Butterflies start as caterpillars. An adult butterfly would lay egg in a leafy spot. A very hungry caterpillar would then come out of the egg. It would eat and eat leaves for about 14 days. It will then wrap itself with a blanket called chrysalis. One day, the chrysalis felt so tight, and a beautiful winged creature then broke free out of the chrysalis. What happens inside the chrysalis, no one knows! How a caterpillar changes into a butterfly is a miracle. A miracle is something that only God can do.
Using this plastic orchid and butterfly decor, we demonstrated how a butterfly sucks nectar and then spreads pollen from one flower to another.

Speaking of miracles, although not included in the book, I mentioned to my son that he is also a miracle. My womb was his chrysalis for nine months until he was ready to be born. How he changed inside me over time from a very tiny cell to a fully formed little human being was a great miracle of God!

We then played a little game. I wrapped my student in a big comforter and pretended that he was a caterpillar trying to come out of his chrysalis. We then pretended to be butterflies fluttering around the house.

For arts and crafts, we painted a butterfly garden. I pre-cut a "stencil" and my little boy used washable paints and sponges to paint a garden scene.

My little boy insisted on writing the word "butterfly." So proud of him!

We also did a little coloring, and he practiced writing his name:

My boy was wondering why we didn't practice writing letters today. I just thought I'd give him a break especially that he was the one who initiated on writing the word "butterfly" and I saw that he had put great effort in doing so and accomplishing the task :)

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