Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Yap, we talked about bears today.

Among the "beary" things we learned are:

  • God made black, brown and white (polar) bears.
  • Bears are covered in thick hairy fur to keep them warm.
  • Bears are DANGEROUS!
  • Bears live in a den in the mountains with rivers or forest.
  • Bears have sharp claws for climbing trees and catching fish.
  • Bears have sharp teeth for eating meat, and flat teeth for eating berries, plants, and bugs.
  • Bears love honey!
  • Bears hibernate during winter.
  • Baby bears are called cubs.

We also learned the song, "The Bear Went Over the Mountain."

For reading time, I brought out a bunch of bear books we have at home. Vonn Kaleb chose to read Bear Snores On, and Bear Feels Sick, both by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.

For arts and crafts, we made a "fuzzy wuzzy bear" using cotton balls, construction paper, glue, marker, wiggly eyes, and brown watercolor paint:

We also did a Numbers and Skills with Button Bear workbook activity:

Finally, we practiced writing:

Whew! We survived another homeschooling day. There are so many challenges along the way, that's why we always start our lesson with a prayer. We sure need more of God's grace now that we've been homeschooling!

Enjoying screen time after homeschool! Cuddling the brown stuffed bear we used for our lesson, a bowl of Mini Oreos, and The Cat in The Hat on TV. 

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