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Thank you for those who commented in my previous post and shared how their holiday was.  Good to hear that albeit simple your celebrations were, you all had a wonderful time, and spent it with people you love and care about.  For those who celebrated Christmas alone, away from family and loved ones, or so-called members of SMP (Samahang Malamig ang Pasko), I know how you feel - been there done that!  I had my fair share of those Christmases wherein I just slept on them while I was living on my own in Toronto, and being the Filipino I am who grew up with Noche Buena, caroling, and Paskong Pinoy, I couldn't help but get a wee bit emotional too during those all-by-myself-Christmastimes.  Be merry still because Christmas comes regardless what our situation in life is, and the essence of the holiday is nonetheless to celebrate the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ :)

Speaking of Noche Buena, it was Vince and mine's first Christmas together as married couple.  We drove up to Toronto the night before Christmas eve, and had a delicious home-cooked Noche Buena with family (my in-laws).

One of the things Vince and I look forward to when visiting Toronto is the scrumptious meals his father cooks.  For this year's Noche Buena, my father-in-law cooked caldereta, oven-baked ribs, fried calamari, stuffed mushrooms, and fried potatoes.  

Presents were opened when my in-laws got back from church mass.  The two dogs, Calvin and Riley, got presents themselves from uncle Vince and auntie Karen.  Hehe!

Calvin was overly excited to put on the sweater we got him,
whereas Riley only showed a tad of what I supposed was curiosity.
After all, he was already feeling warm and extra cute on the red Santa vest he was wearing.

That's pretty much how my Noche Buena was.  I'm glad that I was able to celebrate it with Vince this year, and if anything I'm really thankful for (other than the fact that Jesus Christ was born to be my Saviour), it's that I didn't spend this past Christmas by myself ☺

What about you, guys?  How did Noche Buena turn out for you?  Feel free to share your Noche Buena story by posting a comment and if you wish to leave a link where I can visit you back, please do!  I will await your comments ☻


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  1. Wow! Sobrang naging masaya ang bongga ang Noche Buena mo ate KM! Napabilib ako when I found out that your father-in-law cooks.. :)

    My noche buena was spend with my family too. We only had lechon and some cakes. It was simple but truly memorable.

    Visit rin to for the memes! :D Advance happy new year! Special mention ka pala sa The Coffee CHic. MWah :* CHIC FOODIES

  2. Wow Obviously you had the grand noche buena good for you and all the foods are yummy btw mine is up and its here thanks Sahm’s Dining Diary

  3. You're lucky to feel the Filipino way Christmas celebration and had a Noche Buena :-) Since we came here we never did Noche Buena thing...and on Christmas day we always celebrate Italian dinner at my hubby’s older sister or youngest brother house. Oh by the way when I see the foods that your father-in-law cooked for you guys I can’t help myself not to drool LOL. They all look so yummy!

  4. I'm happy when you said that you won't spend Christmas by yourself anymore. I knew it! Sobrang sad ng feeling. I have spent Christmas alone in the past and sometimes, talagang mas gusto ko pa na naka duty na lang ako kesa magmukmok sa room ko. Anyway, the way I look at it, you were able to spend your Noche Buena with much fun, of course with the company of people you love.
    Take Care dear! Happy New Year!! :)

  5. @ Algene, Thanks sa special mention sa blog mo :D Oo, super sarap magluto ng father-in-law ko, dami namin kinakain lagi pag nadalaw kami :D

    @ Anne, it wasn't engrande. Simple lang pero masaya :)

    @ Sam, nothing beats Noche Buenang Pinoy syempre but Italian dinner sounds cozy and family-oriented too :)

    @ Krizza, Happy New Year! Oo, super saya ko talaga na hindi ako feeling ulila nung Pasko :) Thank you din pala sa balabal :D Magagamit ko yan ng bongga dito :)

    @ Pink Cookies, thanks for visiting :)

    ^ Happy New Year, guys! Enjoy your Media Noche. Wishing you a prosperous and blessed 2012. See you around :)

  6. celebrating with family is always great plus my bonus pa na yummy food.hmmmm..super sarap tlga...
    I will post my noche buena in my blog soon...ang highlight is-we all slept and celebrated on 25th...
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. It's good that at least you've got to celebrate Christmas with family and with Vince.

    Dami ko ring Paskong pinalipas na nag-iisa and just like you when I met Bren dalawa na kami lagi...Hehehe

    Pangatlong Pasko na ito na kasama ko ang parents ko and no matter how simple we celebrated it masaya kasi magkakasama...

    By the way, ang sarap naman ng fod na niluto ng father in-law mo... Hehehe

  8. Toronto is near yet so far :-) yum and the foods look very delish, makes me drool :-) Visiting for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too Sis.

  9. Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2012 ...thanks for sharing your Christmas! Here is mine:

  10. all the smiles are contagious and the foods are so tempting. :) Do you mind to visit my entry for yummy sunday too? Thanks
    Sahm’s Dining Diary

  11. Ang bongga naman ng inyong Noche Buena, KM. Nakakatuwa naman at magaling palang magluto and FIL mo. I am drooling over here. I am sure masarap yan.

    I am happy for yah. It's good at di ka na napabilang sa SMP. Nainggit naman din tuloy ako at kasama mo si Dokie, hahaha!

  12. Mukhang ang sarap mag luto ng father in law mo ah! Gusto ko yung oven baked ribs!

  13. @ Mhie, yap, bonus talaga na may masarap na pagkain :)

    @ Rovie, mas happy talaga mag celebrate pag may kasama lalo especially family and loved ones ♥ Talagang masarap magluto yung FIL ko. Hilig nya kasi talaga ang mangusina. Marami pa sya ibang luto na talaga namang waging wagi :)

    @ Jessy, you should visit Toronto one of these days ^^ It's not that far ;)

    @ Joy, thanks for sharing yours too :)

    @ Lainy, dapat ngayon pa lang nag-ge-get ready ka na kasi sooner than later nyan eh nakiki-celebrate ka na din with in-laws ;)

    @ Anney, sarap nga nun eh. Lalo na yung sauce, iba iba yung ingredients. Dapat makahingi ako talaga ng recipe nun, at hamo, i-sh-share ko sa'yo ;)

  14. beautiful family you have here Sis KM :-) delish foods, the dogs are adorable :-) Visiting again this time for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  15. At ito naman ang pang WW na dalaw ko...

    How are you sis? Hugz!

  16. Ready na nga eh, matagal na. Hahahaha! Next year 3 nalang kaming magcecelebrate. Medyo malungkot din ano?

  17. thank you, all, for your comments :)

    @ Rovie, okei naman. My eyes are getting better, pero hindi pa completely resolved yung corneal infiltrates, medyo madami pa, pero improving naman, and hindi na super blurry :) Ikaw, musta?

    @ Lainy, bakit tatlo lang kayong mag-ce-celebrate next year?

  18. If God permits that all plans go well for this year, the soon-to-be MIL lang at si Prinsipe ;-)

  19. How cute! Even the doggies are expecting gifts :) Visiting from FTF!

    The Twerp and I

  20. Beautiful photos, yummy food:)

    Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

  21. Ay. Bongga! All in one na sa entries! :))

    Ang saya naman ng Noche Buena nyo ate. Well, samin ayos lang naman. Walang madaming pagkain pero ayos na ayos din dahil kompleto family namin! :))

  22. awwww, nobody should spend Christmas all glad you had more than one person to spend that special day with! :)
    ...lovely shots, at sarap ng food!

    thank you so much for sharing over at Food Friday, and have a very Happy 2012! :)

  23. You did have a Merry Christmas! I love the last photo! Cool and wacky, and the dogs??? part of the family na talaga! hehehe! I'm glad you had a wonderful Noche Buena KM! Was here for WW! By the way, I already added you to my blogroll! Thanks for grabbing my badge too!

  24. wow! thats a huge celebration!! so happy nyong lahat!! :) kaso what happened to your blog bakit iba ang language? i cant understand any of it...nweis thanks for sharing your fam time with us!

  25. What a beautiful family new year celebration. soon there will be little ones celebrating new year with you

  26. what a fun-filled Christmas celebration :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.

  27. Love that you're so happy this Christmas. Daming food, yum-yum! And the dogs, so cool!

    Visiting from Wednesday Whites.

  28. Love those puppies and their names:)

    Visiting for WW! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

  29. wow, what a happy family :) daming handa sis. nagutom ako. Hope to see you in my Color Connection entry 1 and 2!

  30. How fun! for us here, we just spent it with Filipinos who are working here in Thailand. Kahit papano, iba talaga pag Pinoy ang mga kasama!
    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites!


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