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MBBC-Toronto Fishing Trip 2010
Have you ever gone fishing? ;)

I have.  When I was still in Toronto, one of our church activities that I dare not miss was the annual fishing trip.  We would usually do it either on Canada Day or Civic Holiday, at a park/campground by Little Lake Barrie, Ontario.  There had been a lot of people attending this annual fishing trip, and the highest number of attendance was about 100 people.

Participants would be grouped together to form teams composed of 8 to 10 members, and would be designated a pontoon or a boat.  There would be a leader of course, and each pontoon/boat would have someone who knows how to swim.  Ehem :D

Vince and I were on Pontoon #9 last year :)

Each pontoon would get a fishing kit complete with lines, hooks, sinkers, bobs, lures, scissors, pliers and baits.   A couple of rods would even be provided for each pontoon.   So, all you would need to bring is your fishing license and happy spirit!  Teams would compete against each other in terms of which pontoon gets the first catch, the biggest catch, the most number of catch, and the loudest pontoon of them all.   It gets more fun and exciting every time we would hear someone shout and laugh, implying that someone got a catch, and then you would start to feel the pressure to work double hard on your fishing rod and lines, so you could have a louder rejoicing than the rest.

Dr. Valencia performing "wormectomy" on a poor  fish.  LOL.

It could really get frustrating a lot of times because you could move from one spot of the lake to another and let your bait stay in the water for half-an-hour or so and not get a single bite, whereas, the person whose line sits next to you would get a bite every minute, faster than you could even say, "GO FISH!"  And to think, you were fishing on the same spot and using the same bait???  LOL.  You would begin to wonder that you probably got the not-so-appetizing part of the worm, and that is why fish have been evading your bait.  Haha!

Little fish.  Big Smile.

Anyway, it's a common knowledge to everyone in my church, that I am not a very successful fisherman, and should not consider fishing as a career.  I never got the biggest catch award, or the first catch award, or a member of the pontoon with the most number of catch.  One thing everyone in the church knows though is that I can laugh and scream so loud effortlessly, that every year, I won the same award - The loudest fisherman of them all.   Hehe!


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  1. Sounds exciting, KM! I've never been to any fishing expedition as of yet but I'd so love to try.

    Bwahahahaha. Nakakatuwa yong talent mo- the loudest fisherman! Puedeng pakirecord ng tili mo at paki upload narin sa blog? Tingnan natin kung aabot ba dito from where I am, hahahaa!

  2. I've never tried fishing yet but I do love to eat fish...bwahahaha!! That's one thing for sure especially the grilled one. But I certainly would love to given the chance. Kakainggit ka, ang dami mo na naranansan na exciting adventures.
    Psensya na ha kung bihira makadalaw now a days, medyo busy pa eh. Once a day lang ako nakaka online. Sumisingit lang. Dami ko kasi inaasikaso now.

    Take care! Hope back to normal na ang pakiramdam mo. :)

  3. This post reminds me of the things I always do every summer. I do fishing activities regularly with my family ate KM. Buri naman at may binding rime talaga kau always ni Doc Vince kahit medyo busy. Hehe

  4. Speaking of fishing and sea adventures, ang daming sale ngayon sa domestic flights. Sayang nga lang kasi di yun included sa plans ko this vacation. Sa next summer na siguro. Medyo di maganda internet connection sa bahay lagi nagloloko. GloBe gamit namin dito. Nagtataka nga ako, bakit di ko ma access yung site ni Lainy, ayaw ma download yung page nya. Laging error. Hayyss...kainis talaga. Nasanay ako sa super bilis na connection dun sa work place ko.

  5. Huh? Baka sobrang bagal Krizz, kaya ayaw mag show up nong page ko. Finally nakadalaw na rin ako sa blogs nyong 3 ni Rovie :-)

  6. Ang saya naman... I once did fishing pero part lang ng activity during our office team building...

    Bibira ata sa mga Pinoy ang hobby na fishing kasi mostly Filipinos do fishing para may pang ulam at hindi para makapag relax...Hahahaha...

    At kahit sa pangingisda magkasama pa talaga kayo ni Doc ha...kakainggit!

  7. bonggang bonggang fishing galore ito! kailan kaya ako makakapagfishing? mmm..

  8. @ Lainy, ewan ko ba at bakit yun ang talent ko. pwede naman sanang pagkanta, pagsayaw or pagpinta, kung bakit pagtili at pagtawa pa. hehe!

    @ Royan, Go Fish! :)

    @ Krizza, the fun part of our fishing trip is that we cook our catch afterwards. Kaya kung wala kang huli, wala kang lunch. Haha! Joke lang. Marami ding seafood na baon syempre, pero binili na lang namin sa grocery yun. Hehe.

    @ Algene, saya mag fishing no? Exciting. Hindi ko pa na-try mag fish sa saltwater, pero yun ang gusto kong subukan ;)

    @ Rovie, alam mo ba na isang beses ko lang nakasama si Vince sa fishing kasi yung mga naunang trips, hindi pa naman kami magkakilala. Nung previous years na hindi ko sya kasama, may times na as in zero huli ako for the day, pero nung kasama ko na sya sa trip, ang dami ko talagang nahuli. It was a sign!!! LOL.

    @ Rona, uy, musta na ang bagong kasal (ulit)? :D Balitaan mo naman kami dito!

  9. Isang beses ko pa lang na try mag fish at wala ako nahuli kahit isa. Ang lungkot! hahaha!

  10. Hahaha loudest award pala, at least may award. I used to fish when we were kids because I grew up in a coastal area in Bicl so Papa would take me sa laot and teach me how to catch fish. But of course the materials we use there isn't as fancy as the one here. Thanks for being part of the nostalgia's last journey.

  11. Dumaan ulit dito para sa WW...hehe

  12. Hahaha!!! Oh well without that laugh everything will be dull and boring.. LOL visiting from Wednesday White My Daily Mumbles

  13. awww! look at those fishy :-) you looks so happy Sis Karen :-) we miss fishing too :-) Visiting from #67 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.


  14. Fishing is fun, yet it can be very frustrating when fish are not biting. I love fishing and I am excited and looking forward to another fishing season. :) It's fun to go fishing with other people. :)

  15. nyahaha, cute fishy! but don't stop fishing, it is a very relaxing sport ;) visiting from Wednesday Whites.

  16. Dropping back sis from 366 BPC :)

  17. awesome trip.. wish we have place from fishing here too other than 'dagat' of course ... was here for BPC.

  18. haven't tried fishing yet... and would love to someday. was here for bpc 67

  19. oooppsss... my link was wrong..it should be here for bpc 67.

  20. Ready na yung grill ko for your fish:)

    Here for Wednesday Whites- hope you can stop by:)


  21. we love fishing! this is our favorite weekend activity before. but when we found out that my mercury level was so high from eating the fish that we caught, we stopped fishing. we miss it though but it is no use fishing if we can't eat our catch.

    bpc hop...http://www.beautyfashions.info/2012/03/coach-purses.html

  22. That is fun catching a fish....Late visit from the challenge.

  23. nyahaha...baka ganoon din siguro ako if makahuli ng fish..baka nga mas malakas pa sa tili mo nyahaha. visiting late from BPC #67

  24. ang cute ng fish mo. hehehe..

    late visit from WW. heres my share..
    Traditional Terno
    Self Portrait

  25. wow!! that looks fun! i would love to go fishing,too. thanks for joining KM. Here for a late WW visit.

  26. hindi ko pa yan na try..
    Super late visiting from BPC # 67...have a nice day! My Entry for Iris Blog Photo Challenge


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