Wednesday, December 14, 2011


After last week's two-piece episode, I decided that, for all mankind's best interest, I should clothe myself for this week's Wednesday Apparel.  Plus, I'm afraid I might catch some kind of virtual colds, pneumonia or any other yet unnamed virus brought on by exposing too much skin in the blogosphere, so you can all sit back, relax, and be assured that I'm putting on some clothes today.  Aren't we all relieved to hear that? ☺

Floral dress

☼ Red and white striped bandeau from Aeropostale

☼ Silver charm bracelet by Swatch Bijoux

☼ Pink and silver flower wristwatch by Swatch

☼ Purse by Coach

☼ Silver necklace and earrings

☼ Sunglasses "borrowed" (and never returned) from the closet of my BFF! ♪♫ That's what friends are for ♪♫ *wink*

This photo was taken at the famous Floral Clock in Niagara Parks, Ontario in May 2010.   Coincidentally, I was wearing a floral dress and a somewhat floral wristwatch too.  The brown signature purse is my very first from Coach, and there is a funny, memorable story behind its purchase, which I hope to share on a separate post.  The sunglasses?  Ahhhhhmmmm, I think I already made it pretty clear above as to their whatabouts.  Hehe!  However, as to their whereabouts, ahhhhhmmmm, they fell in the river while I was whitewater rafting last year *Toinks*  If I haven't lost them, I am sure I would have returned them back to the rightful owner by now ☺ The charm bracelet and the wristwatch are from Vince given to me on separate occasions  ♥  And although not seen in the picture, anyone in the right mind would of course assume that I wasn't barefooted there, so I thought I'd mention that I was wearing a pair of Havaianas, which is again a gift from Vince ♥

Okay, beautiful amigas, that's enough vanity from me today :)  Ciao!


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  1. Witwew! You're drop dead gorgeous in that flowery dress, KM. Clothed or not, you still exude that confidence that any woman would love to have.

    Natawa ako don sa sunglasses that was borrowed but was never returned, hahaha! And oh! Ngayon alam ko na kung sino ang namimigay ng watches mo. Good for yah, you don't have to buy coming from your own pocket ;-)

  2. I'm speechless! You look gorgeous in that dress!

    I like that floral dress. I am not into dresses but after seeing this post parang gusto ko na rin magpaka kikay!Hahaha!

    Another beautiful memory from Canada...

  3. Love that floral dress. Mahilig din ako sa mga ganyang attire actually. Hahaha. That's a perfect outfit KM! Preskong presko. Pareho tayo, di din ako namimili ganu ng watches coz I have a supply of watches from hubby. So, I'm saving my money to purchase other kikay things and karamihan ng purchase ko eh for the kids. Hehehe....ganyan talaga ang mga Moms. :)

  4. Hellos ate KM! I like your dress. The color looks good on you. Bagay na bagay. And can I say na nabigyan mo ng justice ang name ng blog mo na "More than Sexy." :D

    Stay beautiful and happy. :)

  5. Such a lovely dress at bagay na bagay sayo! Natawa namn ako dun sa Sunglasses "borrowed" and never returned! hehehe!

  6. Oh well, are you a model or what? Look at that gorgeousness! haha. And hello to sunglasses! Ibalik mo na yan. haha

    Thanks for visiting my blog! At thanks din for being one of my usiseras! I'm enjoying here I promise! Lovin the cold weather and all the beautiful spots here! nakakaamaze!

  7. wow! love and like the dress.. envy again... I love to wear dresses but I always ride the jeepney.. hehehe!

  8. @ Lainy, haha! Thank you naman sa compliment :D Abot tenga na ngiti ko talaga. Hehe. Pero sa totoo lang wala akong biniling relo ko. Lahat bigay lang. Dalawang watches na na-regalo sa'kin ni Vince, pero yung iba galing naman sa iba ^^

    @ Rovie, korek, another beautiful memory of Canada :) napangiti ako jan sa sinabi mong yan. hopefully, soon, kayo din makapunta na ng Canada. then, baka dun na tayo mag EB, God willing no? :)

    @ Krizza, presko nga yung mga ganyang dress kayo gusto ko din. Perfect for summer weather yan ;)

    @ Algene, maraming salamat naman sa compliment :)

    @ Anney, gusto ko mang i-return yung salamin, nawala ko na eh. Hehe! Natatawa nga BFF ko kasi, i think, sa tagal ng nasa akin ng salamin na yan, nawala na sa isip nya. Tapos one time nakita nya yung mga pictures ko sa Disney at na recognize nya yung salamin na yan, then nag comment sya, sabi nya buti pa daw yung salamin nya nakarating na ng Disney. Lol.

    @ Rona, may bago na sunglasses BFF ko, at bonggang bongga pa, kaya di na nya kelangan nyan. Lol.

    @ Embam, feeling lang :D

    @ Shahz, oo nga, hirap kasi sa'tin mag commute pag naka dress no?


  9. The site's title is really true! Sexy nga!! :)

    I love the pink dress on you.. Just gorgeous..

    Droppin' by from Pink Fridays..

  10. Pretty in pink! In the philippines, women can wear this all year round... but in the US, women would eagerly wait for summer so they can wear sun dresses. :)

  11. hot hot hot Sis KM, loved your dress, looks great on you, liked your long shiny hair too :-) Dropping some love for PF, hope that you can return the favor too.

  12. wow!! so hot and sexy. bagay sa'yo yong floral pink dress mo. Visiting from PF, sis.

  13. thanks for the comments, guys :)

  14. You look gorgeous with floral pattern dress~!

  15. daming details sis. how nice of hubbz you got that he buys you things that you like. hubbz ko ask sya muna and if its expensive, he won't buy it. waaa. i love your outfit sis. Hope you can visit my color connection entry.

  16. i like the flow of your dress, it fits you well and love the colors and design too :)

  17. you look great sis!i love the outfit esp the bag..can i be your best friend too???hehe

    visiting for PF here's my entry

  18. Nice, sexy dress..

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..

  19. thank you, all, for the comments :)

  20. That dress looked good on you and i bet, men are whistling everywhere :)

    Visiting from PF :) Merry Christmas :)

  21. I like your dress. Simple and yet still looks gorgeous :)

  22. one proud momma and ellen, thank you! :)

  23. I went to that floral clock when I was a kid!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  24. pretty pretty naman at girly girly..
    adik mode basa sa old post mo lang kapatid..


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