Saturday, December 17, 2011


Bummer!   That's what Pakoy probably felt when he realized he could not go snorkeling with the grown-ups.  While he was able to fit into one of the smaller life vests, unfortunately, we did not have a snorkeling gear for kids (because we did not ask if there was any available and we thought he was just too young for such activity).  So, Pakoy had to be contented to sit on the boat with Mama while the rest of us went into the water and amused ourselves looking at various colorful fish, including angel fish, which my sister, Mcdo (Pakoy's mom), described as "kamukha ng two-piece na suot ni ate kahapon" in reference to the black and white striped swimsuit I wore the day before ☺  We held smaller pieces of bread for fish to feed on, and when I did that, several big ones flocked on me all at the same time that I got scared and let out a loud shrill, to which Vince said, "Sabi ko na nga ba eh!"  *Just what I thought!*  Haha!

The current was kind of strong and we had to hold onto the rope and katig  so as not to be drifted away.  Knowing that Pakoy once jumped into a pool without any hesitation, we told him to stay on the boat and not even think about going into the water because the current might drift him away.  He was a good kid and did not give us a hard time on that matter.  He pretty much enjoyed watching us and listening to us babble how beautiful underwater was, and at one point, he blurted out,  "Mommy, yung puwet mo nakalabas!"   *Mommy, your butt is showing!*   Hehe!

Pakoy's Boracay series would soon come to end, however, his vacation did not end there!  Wanna know where he was headed next?  Stay tuned to this blogserye  to find out.  Adios for now ☻


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  1. Hi KM! Wow, ang brave naman ni Pakoy at talagang di nag paawat lumusong sa tubig. Ako siguro di ko magagawa mga yan kasi sobrang may phobia ako sa dagat. Siguro sa mga mababaw na part lang. I also want to explore the under water kaya lang wala akong courage to do so. Anyway, I could see that your Boracay adventure was really memorable with all those activities. :)

  2. Ang sarap talaga mag snorkeling lalo na mag fish feeding. Natawa lang ako doon sa part na pati malalaking isda eh lumapit na din sa iyo. Hahaha

    Saan naman kaay ang susunod na rampa ni Pakoy?

  3. I'm missing the beach more dahil sa post na'to.. Tama she ate Kriz, Pakoy is so brave. At a young age eh kaya na niyang sumama sa boating rides..

    The last time I had my snorkling was a year ago..

  4. "Mommy, yung puwet mo nakalabas!"

    Natawa ako dun! :) HEHE.

    Ang cute talaga ni Pakoy.

  5. Kawawang Pakoy! Bilisan nya na ang paglaki para makapagsnorkel na rin, hehehe!

    Inggit naman ako sa escapade na eto. But I might just probably do this next week, hahaha! Sana di magbago ang isip ko, LOL!

    Uy! Malapit na palang matapos ang blogserye ni Pakoy. Sige na nga. Will just look forward for more of your Boraserye, hehehe.

    BTW, how's your eyes now, KM? I hope it's getting better. Slow down na muna sa online activities. Give it time to heal. Ako rin nga ngayon lang medyo aactive uli. I got sick when I got home. Sobrang lala ng ubo ko at para akong lantang gulay. Medyo nakabawi nako ng konti.

    O sya! May you enjoy the rest of the week.


  6. San kaya ang next vacation destination ni Pakoy? hmmmm... I'm sure super enjoy din sya. Yung samin naman na next destination after Shangrila e sa january ko na iba blog to give way to my christmas churvah post. hehehe!

  7. Napabalik dito dahil nakita ko ang 52 weeks of happiness ba yun? Hehehe

    May bagong discover ka na meme sis? Makikiusyuso nga ako doon. Kumusta na ang eyes mo? Gaya ng sabi ni Lainz pahinga ka muna ng "konti" hehe kahit konti lang para makapag relax ang eyes mo...

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas. What's your plan for Christmas bah?

    Kami siguro super simple lang kasi aside sa crisis at sunod sunod naman na parties and indulgence gaya ng sabi mo nakaka guilty mag indulge this Christmas dahil sa ginawa ni Sendong sa CdO.

    This is the perfect time to help kasi nga Pasko. Daming mapapasayang families sa CdO ang konting tulong na pwde maibigay...

  8. Sarap naman ng buhay hehehe, bnever tried snorkeling yet.

    My Orange Tuesday, have a great year of the dragon!

  9. Wow, you guys really had fun, kawawa naman si pako di nakapag snokeling. di bale next time kasama na sya for sure kay dapat lang na bilisan nya ang paglaki para sure na kasama na sya sa adults.. visiting for OT, i hope you can visit my OT share at

  10. What a fun! Sarap naman ng bakasyon ninyo sa Boracay:)

    Visiting for OT! Here's my share- hope you can stop by..

  11. Hmmm, mukhang babalikan ko ang mga adventures ni Pakoy, KM, ah. What a great experience you had there with your family. visiting from OT.

  12. beautiful beach, gotta wear those lifejackets for safety :-) Visiting from Orange Tuesday Sis KM, hope that you can return the visit too.

  13. wow naman..enjoy!
    Thanks for joining OT 30th Edition. Hope you could join OT 32nd edition still open till Saturday..

  14. oh wow, the sea water just made me missed Philippines more. visiting from OT.


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