Sunday, December 18, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG DoublePlay™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My job entails me to work on a computer and open multiple software at the same time, and having double monitor really makes it easier for me to be more efficient and multitask faster than when I only used one. I can never work now with just one monitor!

Now, don't you wish you can apply the same principle with your mobile phone, wherein you can have two screens and never have to quit an app or miss a text and just keep the fun going all at the same time? Well, wish no more because LG provides a solution with its new smartphone, LG DoublePlay™, exclusively available at T-mobile.

LG DoublePlay™ is like having two smartphones in one. It has dual customizable touch screens (3.5-inch main display and 2.0-inch secondary display) that operate independently or in tandem, and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that will have you texting while simultaneously tweeting, uploading, downloading, surfing or streaming, all at 4G speeds!

LG DoublePlay™ is powered by Android 2.3 with access to Android Market. This smartphone also offers multiple text messaging options including Cloud Text and Group Text which gives users the ability to send and receive texts from a PC or tablet, or create group chats on the go for faster, more efficient content sharing.

And what more? With LG DoublePlay™'s 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, and 720 pixel HD video recorder, you can capture quality photos and videos and share them via email, messaging or Facebook.

So, all you social butterflies, go check out LG DoublePlay™, and see for yourself how this Android phone will keep up with your social life. How many hours do you spend texting or engaging with social networking on your phone? How do you think LG DoublePlay™ would change the way you text or interact with your social network? Feel free to reply via comment :)

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  1. Ahhh!Moolah!!!

    Bongga sis... Another OPP from social spark ha...


  2. Napakaconvincing naman ng post na eto. Matutuwa ang advertiser, hehehe ;-)

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  4. Sana may mag regalo sakin nyan sa pasko! hehehe! nangangarap lang!

  5. Wow, parang ang cool! Kaso wala pa kong pera pambili. Hahaha. :D

  6. Napapanahon tong post mo kasi Christmas season. Kailangan ng opps. Hahaha!

    Merry Christmas KM! :)

  7. @ Rovie, thanks! Tagal ko din nabakante sa opp ;)

    @ Lainy, yung mga opps mo din very convincing eh. Nung una nga na-pe-peke ako talaga, kala ko regular post lang. Kung wala pa yung mga links di ko malalaman na opp pala. Hehe!

    @ Kim, nice to see you here :)

    @ Gettop, thanks for following me :)

    @ Anney, malay mo naman marinig ka ni Santa :D Hehe!

    @ Umi, oo nga parang ang cool nga nitong phone na 'to. Imagine mo dalawang screens ;)

    @ Krizza, korek! May ipang-pa-Pamasko na ako sa mga inaanak ko. Hehe!

    ^ Merry Christmas, guys! :)

  8. i don't really give much importance to gadgets, as long as i can use one for my blogging why not, but this gives me a good information :)


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