Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Okay, I am fully aware that I've been gone for quite a while, and before a lot of eyebrows raise, please allow me to bask in saying that this blog is now ranked PR3! Yay!!! *I seriously hope not to jinx it with this post*

Can you believe that?? After being in hiatus for over three months, Google was very much gracious to not only resurrect my page rank but even raise it to the next level. I saw how from PR2 it went down to PR0 which was obviously not surprising given that I wasn't blogging, but miraculously with whatever formula Google uses, it's now PR3! Happiness!

So, in other news....

There's actually another reason why I believe I've gotten sexier (ehem!) Notwithstanding the fact that I've lost weight and now only weigh 100 pounds, the real reason why I think I've gotten sexier is because...


Yap, yap. Ten weeks and counting. Man, this is starting to feel like the longest 9 months of my life... but nope, I'm not going to let myself get carried away and blabber here on my comeback post all my first trimester episodes. I'll save those for future posts. LOL.

Having said those, I guess you can all agree with me that I've gotten sexier... and yes, I'm back blogging. Hehe!

PS: Hawaii vacation and other more escapade and adventures coming up soon! Stay tuned ;)


  1. Ms. More than Sexy... ang ganda naman ng blog mo. tagal na ba to? ngayon ko lang napansin. Sa totoo lang, naiinosente ako. D ko alam kung ano i seselect ko sa comment. I chose Anonymous...tita maris

  2. kapag ba nag create ako ng link, may access na ko sa site na to. Sensya ka na kung wala akong alam, wag mo ko pagtawanan ha.. What will happen if I create a link>

  3. Ms more than sexy, now you are preggy, you should have gained weight not losing. Don't be afraid to get fat, you need to eat more and suffice with your baby needs. Of course, take nutritious food and balanced-diet. I remember the first time I got pregnant, I did not eat a lot kc I was afraid to have difficulty in giving birth. Sabi kasi ng matatanda, wag daw palakihin ang baby sa tiyan, para d mahirapan manganak. palakihin na lang daw pag nailabas na. Nung mapansin ng OB na I was losing weight, instead of gaining, nag worry sya. Advice ng doctor ko, kumain daw ako ng kahit anong gusto ko at wala daw bawal na pagkain sa akin basta masustansiyang pagkain. ..ur makulit na tita maris again, again, and again

    1. at the end of my term i weigh 75 kilos from my orginal pre-gravid weight of 60 at my 1st to 2nd term hindi talaga halata na preggy sabi pa nga nila i'm losing weight daw, hindi rin ako nag diet kinakain ko din lahat ng gusto ko...meron lang sigurong mga body figure na hindi talaga lumalaki even if their uterus is growing.

      p.s--my baby only weighs 2.6kilos when he was delivered exactly 3months to post and now he is 7.6 kilos, whew!! and in just a month im already back with my pre-preg weight. that fast! no diet regimen undertaken! :)

    2. I agree with you, girl. Usually nga sa first few weeks, talagang mag-lo-lose daw ng weight dahil nga sa mga symptoms. Bilib nga talaga ako sa'yo kasi mukha ka talagang hindi nanganak ;) Sana ako din ganyan!

    3. babalik din yan gurl, ikaw pa... at bengga kasi wala akong pinagdaanang symptoms noon even morning sickness..nada, as in... just the cravingg for pizza :)) at yung pinaka grabe lang na ininda ko ay ang carpal tunnel syndrome as in super numb ang mga kamay ko sa late term and until now... anywaeiz enjoyin ang moment...

  4. duda ko nga girl, nung nawala ka sa ere eh my changes na nagaganap sa life mo...parang ako! yey!

    Goodluck and COngrats

  5. Karennnnnnnnn! Salamat for sharing the news to us kahit na sinekreto mo pa noong una. LOL! Anyways, I am so very happy for yah! Lalo na sa PR 3 ng mga blogs natin, hehehe! Congrats!

    Aabangan ko ang iba mo pang kablog- blog na experiences sa pagi-infanticipate. I am very excited for yah!

    Ingat parati! See yah!

    1. Lainyyyyyyyyyy! Thank you ulit!!! At super happy din ako na PR3 na ulit ang baby mo :) Congrats din sa'yo!

      So aabangan ko ang one blog post per week mo, ha? ;)

      Ingat ka din parati and see yah around! :)

  6. WOOOOOOTTT! I am just so glad to finally hear from this blog. I miss you so much gurl! Wish you are back for good.

    Congrats for the PR3 and of course on the pregnancy. I am so excited to hear more mommy stories over here.

    And yes, so are sexier! Mwah! Hugs! Welcome back!

    Lets the DAs begin. LOL

    1. Korek! Let the opps pour in. Hehe! Salamat ulit, Rovs :)

  7. Ayan na nga ang press release teh! Bongga! Congrats again and again!


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