Saturday, August 11, 2012


Before I further write new posts in this blog, I'd like to fill the gap by taking this time to list some of the things and events that surrounded me while I was on hiatus from blogging:

1. My husband, Vince, bought us an iPad using his CME (Continuing Medical Education) fund.  So, technically, we almost got it for free courtesy of his residency program.  I said *almost* because accessories and extended warranty were not covered by CME. But still!  Yay to apps and games for me :D

2. My nth birthday came in May.  Friends from New York and New Jersey visited and celebrated with us here in Pennsylvania.  We had a simple party, with Vince and me preparing all our handa.   It was fun and the presence of dear friends made it more special.   Vince surprised me with chocolate-coated strawberries, which because of the power failure at our apartment, he had to deliver it to me himself while I was "borrowing Internet connection" at the hospital library.   He also gave me a very touching birthday card, a gift card for Ray-Ban sunglasses, and six luxurious hours of me time at The Spa at the Hotel Hershey. Awwwwww :')

3. Vince finished residency in June.  Yay!!  I'm so happy for and proud of my husband.  He rocked the graduation ceremony by bringing home recognition awards ;)   After three years of training, he is now a full-fledged family physician (well, of course, there's still the board exam which he is currently studying for - I doubt with his profession if he'll ever stop *studying*)  But yeah, congrats again, love!

4. My in-laws from Toronto and North Dakota spent the week with us here in Pennsylvania for Vince's graduation.  We bunked in our one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment - all seven of us.  FUN!

5. We travelled to Toronto a couple of times. One time, we almost never made it back south of the border.  We unintentionally left some of our documents in Pennsylvania, and the border officer was hesitant to let us cross, much more sign our extension paper.  After careful scrutiny and looking up our travel records, the officer eventually signed it and let us in to the States.  Whew!

6. I went more often to the gym with Vince - at least, I think.  Hehe!  I even upped my cardio to 45 minutes several times in my desire to be beach-ready.  Refer to #10 below.

7. Glow bowling on weekends with Vince.  I got the hang of it, and actually had good nights when I bowled a turkey ;)

8. Nature trip and the likes.  Vince and I did a self-guided canoe trip down the Delaware water gap and then hiked at Bushkill Falls (the Niagara of Pennsylvania).  We also had one Saturdate at The Longwood Gardens, and finished off the night at Cheesecake Factory.  Sweet!  Oh yeah, we also watched the musical Mamma Mia ♪♫ here we go again, my, my! how can I resist you? ♪♫

9. And then, we found out I'm pregnant!  We planned on having a baby after his residency, and what do you know, we're right on time ;)

10. Second honeymoon in Hawaii happened.  Please see #6 above, and yes, the baby came before the supposedly honeymoon part 2.

11. I missed our 3rd annual whitewater rafting trip in Lehigh River :(  I got so exhausted from Hawaii and the bun in the oven was definitely making his/her presence felt already, I decided to just pass on it and stay at home.  Vince and the rest of the gang went ahead, of course, and they had fun *me sulking*  Oh well!

12. Weekend trips to New York to visit and meet up with friends.  We'll terribly miss them when we move down south :(

13. And my first trimester challenges continue...

See, even if I wasn't visible in blogosphere for three months or so, I wasn't just sitting at home doing nothing ;)  I love blogging and I really enjoy meeting people and making friends through blogging and social networking, that's why I hope to blog for the rest, but I believe my fellow bloggers would agree when I say that it could also get to the point wherein you would feel overwhelmed and burnt out, so a little hiatus helps to break the monotonous routine of cyberworld.  After all, there should always be balance in everything ;)

Okay, having said that, now I'm ready to share my Hawaiian adventure. Tell yah about it on my succeeding posts :)


  1. first, congrats muna, alam mo ba i have thoughts about u being preggy nung dika nagbblog-- sa isip ko "buntis na tong si KM" -- i call it intuition, i am so good at everytime..:)

    next, congrats din ke doc vince, three years na pala yun? ambilis parang kelan lang nababasa ko dito ung mga theme na: "aalis sya, kelan kami magkikita, and the likes" hi hi

    third, tama, nakakapagod talaga ang routine at need mo din ng break..

    then, excited ako na magka baby kana, hirap na msaya lalo na pag nginingitian ka nya eye to eye, si baby madalas tuloy kabagin kakatawa, kakanganga pag naglalaro kami at the end, lakas ng iyak nya sa sakit ng tyan...:(

    hayy.., happiness...etc :)

  2. Buti pa yung dalawa (PS & KM) , sharing the same subject na... "baby" hehehe

    @KM, dami mo na rin palang escapades for 3 months... on top of it, you're working pa niyan ha... partida pa ang babaeng walang pahinga hihihi

    thanks for sharing ur life with us... :)

  3. I am so so happy na nagbalik blogging ka na! Uber duper missed you teh. Nakakahappy ang mga updates at ang the best, si baby! Cant wait to finally see him or her. For sure, sooo cute nya.

  4. Wow! Pakiramdam ka hindi ka naman nawala kasi ayan ang post oh, pinabonggang update.

    Minsan talaga mapapagod ka sa kahaharap sa laptop at mag blog but aside from the earning ang pinaka nakaka- miss kasi ay ang chikahang ganito lagi.

    Although may FB group na tayo mas maganda pa rin tong nakaka-update tayo sa buhay-buhay natin.

    Excited ako for the Hawaii adventure. Aabangan ko ang post mong yun!

    Congrats sa pagdating ni baby. Ingat ka lagi. Bahala na OA ang pag-iingat basta mag-ingat lagi. Congrats din kay Doc Vince sa kanyang residency.


  5. AYAN! parang di ka rin lang nag hiatus. Buti natandaan mo ang chronological order ng mga pangyayari sa dami while you were away fron the blogs. Lol!

    Indeed, u are one blessed woman. Parang lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay mo, puro magaganda.i am sincerely happy for u, Karen. When i took a backseat at blogging, i had no inkling u did the same too. Lol! My reasons were primarily to do away with facing the pc. I still cant do much right now. Hinay hinay lang ako. So kahit cp lqng tong hawak ko; comment parin hahaah!

  6. mag-enjoy ka to the max hanggat kaya pa..

  7. i agree with you, a little hiatus is good for us who loves to blog to get some break and then go back re-energized. enjoyed reading your updates.

  8. congratulations to your hubby and good luck on his board exam and also to your pregnancy too, haha, tawa ako sa comment in papaleng, mag-enjoy ka to the max hanggat kaya pa, mama that one too, so hilarious. i thoroughly enjoyed your photos.

  9. That's ok KM, we need our own personal time naman-blogging is always there.Anyway, convey my congratulations to your hubby, and congrats ingat ka parati kasi dalawa na ina-alagaan mo now.. I don't know if you need this book-What you need when you're expecting- good for the first time mom- and there is also a book when you have a baby-What to Expect the First Year. It helps a lot to me to taking care my baby, my emotion and for better understanding. :)

  10. Dropping by here to say Good Morning to you and your baby. I wish baby girl sya para may tagapagmana sa kakikayan nya. LOL

    Hugs buntis! Take care always!


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