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A short drive from Waikiki lies a gorgeous snorkeling heaven, Hanauma Bay. Preserved and protected, this marine sanctuary is home to fragile marine life including corals, reef fish, honu (green sea turtles), sharks, rays, eels, as well as the colorful Hawaii state fish, humuhumunukunukuapua'a.  The park is dedicated to conserve and safeguard the bay, so all guests are required to watch a short video regarding a few things and rules to keep in mind when visiting Hanauma Bay.

Rule #1: Do NOT step on the corals.
Rule #2: Do NOT touch the fish, honu, and all other marine life in the bay.  Our body sweat, bacteria, etc., are harmful to these animals.

The park is open daily except on Tuesdays, and operates from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  As this is one of the major tourist attractions in Hawaii, guests are encouraged to come early.  There is a $7.50 entrance fee and $1.00 parking fee.  Snorkeling and diving gears are available for rent at a reasonable price in the beach park.

For better snorkeling experience and to explore the deeper part of the bay, Vince and I joined a guided tour by Hanauma Bay Dive Tours.  There were five of us in the group plus a certified diver tour guide.  Transportation and snacks were included as well as quality snorkeling gears.  Although we had to shed extra buck$$$ for this tour, we never regret it because it was all worth it.  I remember the other lady in our tour group saying, "This is the most awesome thing I've ever done in my life!"  I definitely agree.  That was the best (and most scraped and bruised) snorkeling experience for me as well.

These are just a few of the various marine life that thrives in the bay.

A honu (green sea turtle) in action

...and here are a few more pics from our Hanauma Bay trip.  Feel free to click on the pics to enlarge:

That's about our second day in Hawaii.  Day 3 was another full and exciting day, so stay tuned to find out ☻


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  1. iniimagine ko lang ang view underwater ng snorkeling na yan...whew! :)

  2. love the scenic view, and the underwater shots, and seconding Florence wish i were that young and fit, haha :)

  3. Wow, how I wish we can go to Hawaii someday:) we always stopover Hawaii when we go back to Phils for vacation but never get the chance to really stay.

    Corals only grow to as much as 5 cm a year.I am always amazed with marine life. I can imagine you had blast doing that snorkeling thing:)

  4. Sexy mo KM.Its okey if you pay extra bucks, its worth and all your photos are beautiful.

  5. Bilib na bilib ako sa buntis na naka two-piece :-)

    Kelan din kaya ako magagawi dyan? LOL!

    Oh ayan! Nagtagpo na rin tayo ha. Di ako nakakadalaw the past few days kasi lumala ang flu ko dahil sa davao travel namin. Kaya hayun. Na bedridden lalo ang lola mo te :-(

  6. Exciting naman ang snorkeling na yan! Di pa ako nakakita ng turtle in action while snorkeling puro fishes lang.

  7. Oh wow you look gorgeous and sexy!! Good for you, you can do snorkeling me I am afraid of water and do not know how to swim ^_^

    Thanks for linking Water World Wednesday I do appreciate it.

  8. :) I enjoyed snorkeling, too... wish to do it again :))

  9. wow snorkeling hindi ko pa nagagawa yan:)

  10. looks like you had so much fun! and yes I enlarged that photo where you are looking so sexy! ...making me wish I too could fit in a bikini haha...staying tuned for day 3 :D

  11. Wow! Ang gaganda naman ng escapades nyo Ate! :) mukhang exciting ang snorkeling! hehehe. ma try nga minsan... soooon! :)

    And ate, you look so sexy ha! :) ♥

    Be safe po and God bless!


  12. wow! ang ganda naman dyan..:) have fun!

    Late Visit from Water World Wednesday… One Sunny & Windy Afternoon

  13. The place looks very clean and very rich with marine life. You both look very fresh ni Doc.

  14. buntis kana po nyan? so sexy naman.. astig nagsnorkling pa.

  15. Nagbabalik ulit dito. Nakakapag link up ka pa sa TT sa lagay na yan ha. LOL :)

    Happy Blogging Teh. Mwah!


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