Sunday, November 1, 2015


We just got back from our weekend getaway in Florida. I mentioned in my previous post that my son suggested going to the beach but because we still have unused Aquatica (Seaworld) tickets, we decided to go there instead. My little boy didn't get his beach fix but the good lot of sand in Aquatica, the rapids, and the wave pool made up for it. 

So now that I have access to a laptop, here's my entry for The Sunday Currently:



I'm still reading The Book Thief and the Bible. I thought I'd be done with the book of Job this week but I was unable to finish it. I still have about three chapters left, so I'm making it my goal to finish it within this week and start Exodus.


this blog entry.


to my father, mother, husband, and son all talking at the same time. LOL. We're Skyping and trying to iron out the details of my parents' flight this weekend. Yehey! We're excited for their arrival here. Super excited!


of the tasks I have at hand. I need to stop procrastinating. Ayayay!


what little Arroz Caldo left in my son's bowl. 


for a smooth and safe travel for my parents. With all the "laglag bala" incidents at NAIA, we can't help but feel anxious and worried for them. Pray, pray and pray. That's what I need to do.


to finish my Christmas projects on time. I'm currently hand sewing throw pillow covers. I finished two already and I still have to make 8 pillow covers and 1 bench cushion cover. I'm also going to make an advent calendar for Christmas countdown. Honestly, with zero to little artistic juice flowing in my blood, I'm going to need lots of Pinterest ideas and DIY tutorials for these projects to materialize. 


my regular house clothes.


my very loving and supportive husband more and more each day. We had just celebrated our 5th anniversary, hence, the weekend getaway. We would've gone somewhere romantic with only the two of us, but you know, with a toddler in tow all the time, that's never going to happen. LOL. That's also one of the reasons why we're so excited that my parents are finally coming! Hehe. Date nights and couple getaways already brewing and in the works. Ahihihi!


to lose weight and a couple of inches particularly in my midsection. This tummy bulge has got to go away ASAP. We're thinking about baby #2 next year, and I want to lose about 5 pounds more before we start the baby making project. Haha!

another haircut. I'm thinking of chopping off a good chunk of my hair. I just had a haircut recently, and as expected, my hair had a growth spurt since then.


to book a hotel for the weekend. We're always traveling, going somewhere, even for just a couple of days or so, and I'm not complaining. #thankful

to do our church's financial records. I really need to work on this. I'm two months behind now. Uh oh!


stinky. I haven't taken a shower yet. Hehe!


the keyboard. Dvorak typist here.

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