Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It has been a little over five months now since I got married. The adjustment from living alone to having to share almost everything with my better half has been going really well. Smooth as it can be, still we have trivial misunderstandings every once in a while, especially during the early transition phase, but thank God, we have been doing a great job of agreeing to almost everything. A little spat here and there but all gladly ends well. Though we have not encountered enormous forks in our marriage yet, I believe that with God's help, if we would be faced with one, no rocky road uphill is insurmountable. 

Anyway, having said that, I am happy to announce that this blog has now matured from being the emotera de soltera you have always known in the past to a happily married sexy emotera. Haha ! If you thought for a while there that you would be able to escape my dramas, sorry darling, but I have to disappoint you because getting married definitely does not make one less emotional (or at least in my case). Once a drama queen always a drama queen. Only this time, life is a whole lot easier and more fun because I have a better half who is willing to split the sorrow and double the joy with ... forever and for always :)

So sit back and relax. You may grab a cup of warm chocolate or snuggle under a comfy blanket. What you are about to follow is an improved, wider-scoped, multi-perspective, MORE THAN SEXY blog chronicling me, my sanity, and all that is left of me + VINCE ♥

PS: Can you spot the difference ? I hope you like it =)


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  1. i don`t just like it, but i love it !

  2. Love it! Hehehe! Kala ko nakapag comment nako dito long before, KM. Di pa pala! Spring ba nong nag-prenups kayo? Love it!

  3. Napaka sweet ng picture na yan! Ang ganda ng setting! Perfect!

  4. Having someone to share your sorrows and happiness with is happiness indeed. I hope you can visit back:

  5. what a cute photo, i love it,visiting from happiness is meme, mine is up at

  6. thanks, guys!

    lainy, fall kami nagpa-prenup at fall din kami kinasal. lahat ng planning at wedding mismo naganap in less than a month. di naman kami masyado nagmamadali nun. lol.

  7. awwww! the sweetest couple ever, the pictures is just precious and priceless, super loved it Sis KM :-)
    Visiting from Happiness is...hope that you can return the visit too.

  8. the photographer captured the photo perfectly, visiting from my other share of happiness is,

  9. wow .. ganda nga yan ...


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