Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One day while Vince was at work, he emailed me asking my help to review a letter of recommendation he wrote for their program coordinator, Marsha, whom much to his dismay, is being transferred to a new post at the Hershey Medical Centre. Not that I am a better writer than him (in fact, it is the opposite), it is just that, you know, it is always better to have another set of eyes to proof.  He said in his email, "Patulong po ako mag-edit ha? Parang kulang kasi eh. Thanks sa suggestion and help love!"  So, I read it in passing; and I thought it looked perfectly fine until I got to a line that had me snickering. When we eventually had the chance to talk on the phone, I told him that the letter is good except for one which I felt needed rephrasing if possible. I prompted him to read some parts of the letter aloud to me:

"Marsha has been a great resource person during my residency... She answers my questions and queries in a timely manner and she is always ready to help me in whatever way she can. I am saddened to see Marsha depart..."

I had to stop him right there, "That's it, mahal. Can we rephrase that last part? Para naman kasing namatay na si Marsha nyan eh. 'Kinalulungkot ko ang kanyang pagpanaw.'" After pointing that out, I let go of a laugh I had been suppressing all that time. Hahahaha ! As if not convinced myself, I asked Vince, "Is it just me? Or that's how it really sounded? Mahal, you are supposed to write a letter of recommendation not a eulogy." LOL.

I was relieved to hear Vince agree and laugh over it, too. So, I left it up to him to rephrase it ;) 


*03/26/11 - Dinner at The Hotel Hershey Harvest Restaurant with Vince and his co-residents, Mon and Wilkie and his wife, Anne... and there in the midst is Marsha :) *


  1. ..hahaha, pati ako tuloy natawa sa phrase...

  2. girl, may blog ka pala? di ka nagsasabi. ayan, follower mo na aketch ^^

  3. Hahaha! Sobrang natawa ako, KM! :-)


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