Monday, June 20, 2011


I hope I didn't keep you waiting for the after-photos of my iCURLY experiment.  Please be the judge and let me know what you think of it?  SUCCESS or FAIL.  Cast your votes by leaving a comment ;)

Gimme some attitude, Curly Tops !

I even TRIED to doll myself up by putting on some make-up, which by the way, I only learned to apply myself about three years ago. I told you, I am primitive.
As if eyeshadow and blush-on aren't enough, I put on a dress that I haven't worn yet, which I'm planning to wear to a dinner my hubby and I are attending this week.  Let's just say, I had a little bit of dress rehearsal. Hehe !

Have you made up your mind yet?  SUCCESS OR FAIL !? ;)

Somebody once told me that I look like PATRICIA JAVIER.

If I was part of the GLEE show and did a BORN THIS WAY shirt, I would've put: WAVY HAIR.  Yes, I have naturally wavy hair but I get a Japanese perm every year because I don't like the mahangin-sa-labas (it's-windy-outside) look.

Okay, that's it for now, folks. Hubby is home now and is wondering where I went to get my hair and face done. Haha ! Vamanos !


  1. I think the curls are pretty on your long hair ^_^. I have Wavy hair too, but I often just straighten my bangs and leave the rest to air dry & be their natural selves. I don't have a frizz problem as long as I don't comb/brush my hair. The only time I comb it is if I flat iron it & right before I take a bath. :)

  2. thanks, janel. good for you that you don't have a frizz problem ^^ but you're right, it's probably because i brush/comb often that's why i get the frizz. thanks for the tip ! :)

  3. nice.. i love thy hair... i had my hair curled and now im suffering from excessive hair fall because of the treatment.. huhu.. i wish i just did it myself with a curling wand and do it just like yours..


  4. thanks, mango juice! i was doubtful at first if it will work on my Japanese permed hair, but it did. it really was like magic. plus, the longer you leave it on, the crazier the curls will turn out :D

  5. Success! Looks good on you, KM.

    I have always had straight hair since birth but I dream of having a curly hair. In fact, I always get it permed every 3 years. I had to let my hair rest for now and when the brain gets kinky again, gotta go to the salon for that perm session yet again, haha!

  6. Lainy, good for you that you have straight hair. easier to manage, less "mahangin ba sa labas" moments :D

  7. UY! Ngayon ko lang din napagtanto na Patricia Javier look alike ka nga pala. Di ko lang mawari nong una pero ngayon, kitang- kita ko na ang similarities. Uyyy! Pang-seksi star na talaga ang beauty mo, KM! Hehehe!

    1. Yung dati kong dine-date ang unang nagsabi na kamukha ko daw si Patring. Hehe! Recently naman, marami din nagsabi na si Vanessa Hudgens daw kamukha ko. Kasuwerte ko nga naman talaga no? LOL.

  8. I never heard about Japanese perm. I want to try it because I'm tired of ironing my hair everyday. BTW, your iCurly hair is a success. You look good on it.


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