Sunday, June 19, 2011


It seems like you can learn almost anything through the Internet nowadays - thanks to Google, Wiki, YouTube and all the other how-to and what-is-not blog/vlog sites out there in the cyberwold.

But guess what I stumbled upon today while doing my routine surfing?  Paper bag curls tutorial !

Since I am home alone and bored (housework pretty much done yesterday - I just need to bake coconut macaroons later for a lunch event tomorrow), I thought of giving my hair a little twist *wink wink*

To begin with, I have no idea how to use a curling iron nor do I own one. Yes, that's how primitive I am.

Below are evidence of my epic attempt to curl my hair using paper sans the heat. Apologies for the quality of the pics as these are merely iPhone shots and lighting did not cooperate. Ready? ;)

I don't know yet if this epic attempt will actually turn out to be an epic fail, as I am still playing the waiting game. I decided to leave them on for a few more hours in hopes of voluminous curl results, however, on second thought, I honestly think that the paper curls are cute, so I probably will just leave them on FOREVER :D

Kidding aside, I will definitely post after-photos regardless of the result. For the time being, let me get to my baking. After all, if this turns out to be an epic success, I deserve a treat ;)

See ya in a bit !


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  1. hahhahah... i like to try it's cute karen..

  2. Hindi ka kasi, nag-aral kung paano gumawa ng lumpiang Shanghai

  3. First time to hear this. That is fun to do it for sure. ^_^

  4. He,he,he~ that looks cute:)

    Visiting for MYM! Hope you can visit me too:)


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