Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Travel feature for today is Kansas City (Missouri) also known as the City of Fountains.  With over 200 fountains, Kansas City claims to have the second most in the world, just behind Rome.  The city is also well known for jazz and blues as well as Kansas City style-barbecue.

Last week, Vince and I had a taste of Kansas City.  Despite the full schedule we had, we were able to squeeze in some quality time exploring and learning what the city offers.  *Photo credits to Vince ;)

JC Nichols Memorial Fountain

The JC Nichols Memorial Fountain is the best known and most photographed fountain of all the city's fountains.  The fountain has four equestrian statues which are said to represent four rivers:  the Mississipi River, Volga River, Seine River and Rhine River.

Country Club Plaza

The Country Club Plaza is an upscale shopping district and residential neighborhood.  It was the first shopping center in the world designed to accommodate shoppers arriving by automobile.

Giralda Tower of Seville

The basic design of the Country Club Plaza reflects classic European influences especially those of Seville, Spain.  There are more than 30 statues, murals and tile mosaics on display in the area, as well as major architectural reproductions such as a half-sized Giralda Tower of Seville (the tallest building in the Plaza).

The Liberty Memorial ... and the Liberty Memorial Fountain !

The Liberty Memorial is the largest and only memorial in the United States dedicated to those who served in World War I and its museum is the only one whose sole theme is that war. 

Power and Light District

The Kansas City Power and Light District is the mid-west's premier entertainment epicenter.  The district offers more than 50 unique and captivating shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

Enough of the Karen-less photos by Vince!  It's time to see fun pics :D

Enjoying Kansas City-style barbecue at Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue
For the love of ribs !!!
Another barbecue night at Arthur Bryant's Barbecue hole in the wall restaurant.  Among the many famous people who visited this restaurant were US Presidents Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan.  You'll see pictures of their visits hanging on the restaurant's wall.  *This place reminded me of Philadelphia's Geno Steaks - which I will blog about some time in the future ;)
Stopping for gelato at Balsano's - Power and Light District
The Savoy Grill, a fancy steakhouse
Perpetual Change (80's and 90's music) live band night at the Midland Theater
They gave away cash prizes ;)
Yes, cold cash, baby ! :D
What happens in Kansas City stays in Kansas City ... or not?! :D

Vince and I had a heck of good time in Kansas City.  We loved the fact that KC downtown is not crowded at all and noticeably clean.  Although the crime rate is reportedly high, we were thankful that we did not encounter such.

So there goes another Tuesday Travel, and by the way, this is the second entry for that category.  I hope and plan to travel more, and then share the experience with you through my blog.  For now, I wish everyone a good trip ;)



  1. Very interesting! Kitang-kita naman sa mga aura nyo na sobrang nag-enjoy kayo. Uy!I love the tube dress! More than sexy talaga ;-)


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