Thursday, August 4, 2011


After three decades, my eyes finally succumbed to wear and tear.  I evaded it as much as I could but to no avail.  Behold, the bespectacled me! 

As you can see, the picture above... no, those aren't the pair I got yesterday :D  Those belong to my friend, and I was just fooling with them.  The second photo however on the left... those are what I got for real ;)

And of course, I am very thankful that I don't need to wear my glasses all the time.  I'm good without them when working in front of the computer or during daytime.  For distance like when watching TV, and during nighttime, the glasses are really helpful.

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of glasses (at least on myself - I am not one of those chics who can rock the bespectacled look), so I'm hoping to get scheduled for a contact lens insertion and removal session soon.  The optician did not think I need contact lenses, considering that I don't even have to wear my glasses most of the time, but I still requested that I be fitted.

That's it for today.  Before I part, I'd like to say my heartfelt "thank you" to my dear husband, Vince, for getting me these glasses - now I don't have to bug you to read out subtitles aloud for me when we do our late-night Netflix movies ;)  I love you very much, Vince ♥

PS:  Don't you think I look better with the blue glasses? Hehe!


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  1. the glasses look pretty on you..i prefer it than contact lenses maybe bec. I'm afraid of anything foreign to my eyes:)

    Visiting you from Pink Friday!

  2. kapangalan pla ng hubby mo son ko ^.^

    dropping for PF

  3. Hmmm. I remember posting a comment some weeks before here, KM. I wonder san na napunta yon? Hahaha!

    Anyways, bagay ka sa eyeglasses mo, KM. At ang sweet ng dear hubby as usual.

    I wish di gaanong makapal tong sakin para no need na mag wear ng contact lenses. Been wearing my contacts for 13 agonizing long years. Arrrgh! Kakapagod na. Pero mas nakakapagod if I do wear my glasses day in and day out dahil sa sobrang kapal. Mantakin mo, umabot na ng 1k ang eyegrade neto. Nakahigh index na sya pero makapal parin. Sinusuot ko pag nasa harap ng pc at pag kelangang ipahinga ang mata from wearing contacts. Doc said I am actually due for laser. Do you know the pros and cons of it? Please let me know :-)

  4. I hate my glasses but i have to wear when in front of the comp. I like your photos. Visiting from PF. See yah!

  5. I don't like wearing eyeglasses too but same as you I only wear it if I need to see and read things from a distance...Kasi pag wala ang glasses ko aabutin ako ng 5 oras kaaabang ng jeepney... Hehehe kasi bago ko mabasa ang sign board nsa harapan ko na hindi na ko mapara...

    Hmmm...Gawa kaya ako ng post din... Manggaya?Hehehe....

    Bagay sa iyo yung blue sis... you look young and hip... Here for PF!

  6. @ Fashion Explorer, thanks! i rarely use my glasses anyway, so i decided to hold off on my contact lens insertion and removal session ^^

    @ Dick-Vince-Dorry, oo nga eh magka name sila :D

    @ Lainy, saan nga kaya napunta ang comment mo? minsan talaga nag-a-act-up 'tong google blogger na 'to sa totoo lang at kung ano ano ginagawa dito sa setting ng blog ko especially sa ex links, so i wonder if saan napunta ang comment mo...

    @ Mom's Place, i'm thankful that i don't have to wear my glasses when in front of the computer. i can see well within that distance :)

    @ Rovie, sinabi mo pa! Ako din, yung mga road signs, as in mababasa ko lang pag nanjan na sa harap ko mismo, kaya every time nag-d-drive si Vince and kelangan ng navigator, nagsusuot ako ng glasses. Uy, sige lang, gawa ka lang ng post ng experience mo sa glasses mo din. Ako pa unang unang mag-co-comment :)

  7. ay cutie nman in pink. naku buti k p nde mo need salamin. ako ay need ko pero tigas ulo ko d ako nakasuot LOL :))

  8. My eyes are almost telling me that I need glasses soon but still I am denying it haha! those are cute pairs for you :)

  9. i like the blue glasses! hehe, it look good on you. i got mine, but i only wear them when im driving, at night i cant see a single thing even with 4 eyes. lol.

    thanks for visiting my entries Pink Smiley Tshirt and
    Pink Jelly Fishes
    c ya around!

  10. Glad you don't have to wear glasses everyday..

    Visiting from PF! Hope you can visit if you have not done yet:)

  11. awww you are adorable, liked the 2nd eye glass better on you, you look cute too in your pink shirt, visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  12. i am good without my glasses too. i wear mine only when it;s really needed...but yours looks good on you

    here for a late PF visit

  13. No worries KM. Ganon talaga minsan, pati sa blog may mga glitches din, hahaha!

    Ngayon lang ako nakaharap uli sa PC. Sa sobrang pagod, di na nakapag-update ng blogs ko. Hmmm. Sign of aging? LOL!

    Hope you had a great weekend.


  14. Consider also LASIK, anothe blogger friend who undergoes the treatment told me that ehr vision improved a lot - btw she has been wearing her eyeglasses since childhood...

    Visiting from PF hope you can visit me back...

  15. am not a big fan of eyeglasses either but I badly need it lalo na sa looks good on you! late visit...:)

  16. you look great in those glasses! thanks for the visit.. ;)

  17. Thank you for joining Pink Fridays # 93. Hope to see you again this Friday! By the way, followed you as "Pink Thoughts" at your GFC widget. Hope you can follow me back at Thanks!!!

  18. hi KM!honestly, i like your glasses, it is so hard to find the correct frame that will fit your face's shape diba? I am also having a hard time finding mine, my hubby usually teases and calls me "teacher, teacher"...

    visiting for PF#93...

  19. Your new eyeglasses looks good on you sis. you are pretty. :) My PF entry @ Jolly toes.

  20. I agree the second glass looks better in your frame :)
    Visiting via PF

  21. Oh you don't look bad with the glasses! It's also helpful protection in front of the computer. Have fun with it!

  22. The glasses looks good on you KM! Ur pretty in pink, too.

    Visiting back after 2 weeks. I missed visiting back last week.

    Til next PF!


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