Thursday, November 24, 2011


Our family's 3-year-old rugrat, Pakoy, was not only able to experience his first plane ride during my Philippines 2011 vacation, but also his first boat ride when we went to Boracay.  The experience of traveling by air and by sea was altogether new to him so I could sense that he was just as curious as any young boy could be.  During the boat ride, I took the chance to give him a bit of a science lesson with regards to marine animals and told him that if he sees the ocean is blue, it means that the water is deep.  He had a taste of the salty seawater for the first time when at one point we got splashed on by small waves during the short boat ride.  When he realized that the sea is not the same as his previous swimming pool fun times, he requested that we not swim in the beach.  Coming from a little boy who once, without hesitation, jumped into a 4-foot deep swimming pool, I could tell that he got a tad scared of the water.

Pakoy and tita Mae carefully going up the plank to the boat 

Do you think Pakoy kept himself away from the beach when we got to Boracay?  Or was he able to overcome the deep, blue sea?  Stay tuned to find out the answers, and to know more of my vacation stories!  Until my next post, ciao for now :)


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  1. All your latest posts mention Pakoy ate KM. Sobrang love mo talaga si cute little boy ah. Hehe. First was the plane, now naman the boat. Good to see na everything seems perfect on your vacation!

    Hintay na naman ako sa new post mo! :)

  2. Ang cute ni Pakoy sa first photo, KM.

    Hmmmm. I will just have to wait for the answers in your upcoming posts. I better keep my wild guesses to myself for now, hehe.

  3. love, love, love mo talaga ang nephew mo ah and it seems na blogserye itong adventures ni Pakoy,
    aabangan ko ang next episode ehe post pala about him hahaha!
    ako rin nakarelate sa snoopy pic, natuwa ako at nakita ko iyon
    i am enjoying my long weekend KM!

  4. Hi KM! Glad to know that you're having a good time with Pakoy. I could just imagine how you would be as a mother dahil talagang aliw na aliw ka sa bata. Happy ako for you. Sobrang nakakabawi ka sa absence mo for the past 6 years.

    Take care and looking forward sa future posts mo. *hugs*

  5. where is this place. so fun can be on the boat to travel.first time is having great experience to tell his friend with a big smile..

  6. @ Algene, ay naku, kahit sobrang pasaway minsan, love na love pa din namin yan. LOL. The perks of being the only baby in the family ;)

    @ Lainy, kamukha daw sya ni Papaleng - according to Papaleng. Haha!

    @ Reese, oo nga, blogserye talaga ito. Sana hindi masyado pa-suspense para naman hindi mainis ang mga audience :D

    @ Krizza, thank you! Musta na ang daughter mo? How is she? Hope all is well now with her! Keep us posted please.

    @ Climus, thanks for dropping by my blog!

  7. I'm sure nag swim swim si Pakoy kahit maalat ang tubig! hehehe! Looking forward to more pics and stories!

  8. Sigurado ako sobrang memorable ng lahat ng masasayang firsts sa life ni Pakoy kasi kasama nya mga taong nagmamahal sa kanya...

    Excited naman ako sa sagot sa mga questions mo sis... Hula ako pwde? Nag enjoy din si Pakoy sa tubig at sa tingin ko swimming to the max si Pakoy-koy! Hehe

  9. Ako din KM, same with Rovie...hula ko hindi na nag alangan si Pakoy after seeing the beach at nag enjoy sya ng husto sa paglalaro at paliligo...of course with Tita Mae's company.

    My daughter is getting better now although need nya to recover her weight and strenght. Pumayat sya ng todo.

  10. Hahahahaha! That's without doubt, KM!

    Nakakatuwa naman si Papaleng. Alam ko na kung san nagmana si Pakoy, LOL!

  11. wow! so nice! I missed doing island hopping and dive without having life vest! wow! you have a great blogs have followed you!

  12. Wow, kainggit naman.. Enjoy your vacation:)

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..

  13. thanks for visiting Pakoy :D

  14. I would guess that Pakoy had a blast with the seawater! He he he. At least, that's what happened to my daughter on her first sea/ocean experience. She got scared why the seawater was salty and thought it wouldn't be good to swim or dip in there. But then, after she enjoyed the sun, it became so hard na to get her to stop playing in the sand and on the ocean! ;-)

    Late PF visit! And yes, I saw your pink backpack! :)

    Pink Girl in the Crowd
    Plush Blankets
    Berry Lotions

  15. awww! what a spoiled Pakoy :-) experiencing the best time in his life with lotssssssssa love from his Aunt. I am has been awhile since I went to a real beach, never been to Boracay :-) Thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for Pink Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  16. @ Wifetoalineman, thank you for the PF visit!

  17. I am sure your son enjoy the boat ride. He is all smile!!

    I love your Pink Back Pack too!

    Thanks for joining Pink Fridays!!!

  18. such a doting tita!you can do an entire blog about Pakoykoy!hihi

    glad that you enjoyed your vacation sis!

    visiting for PF!

  19. Thanks for the PF visits ! :)


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