Friday, November 4, 2011


...and hence, I won't be able to visit your blogs, my dear blogging buddies, as often as I have been doing in the past recent weeks.  But worry not, I'm only going to be away for a month.  The first two weeks of vacation will be my busiest but the ensuing two weeks, I'll be working from home, so the chances of me being back in the blogosphere spreading silliness are high - oh well, depending on how reliable the Internet connection  we have in the Philippines :)  Once I come back to the States in December - that is if I don't change my mind and decide to extend my vacation - expect me to be raiding your blogs, bouncing off and on your comment walls, and flooding your shout boxes and chat boxes!

Thank you for all the "bon voyage" and "happy trip" greetings!  Please do keep in touch.  Don't leave my blog deserted, lonely, and unwanted :'(  Her author is just going to savor a long overdue grand vacation she deserves, so please continue to visit More Than Sexy, and continue to leave some love in the form of comments, messages, awards, credits, prizes, etc.  Any love marks you leave will be truly appreciated and will be reciprocated once I return to full swing blogging ♥

I will miss my regular "ka-comment-uhan" here:
  1. Algene
  2. Krizza
  3. Lainy
  4. Marie
  5. Rovie
  6. Reese
...and of course, my regular "ka-pindut-an," (alam nyo na!):
  1. Christian
  2. Enteng
  3. Ian
  4. Jake
  5. Lyn
  6. Midnight Driver 
  7. Mumay
  8. Mau
  9. Mama G
...and all those blogs I follow, I've exchanged links with, and regularly hop to...

...and remember, if you're looking for a weekly meme to join, you know where to find one... right at the bottom of my blog is a whole section of meme badges!  If ever and whenever you run out of idea to blog about, memes are always there to run to :D

I'm planning to write another post before I step on the plane tomorrow but just in case I won't be able to, let me leave you today with this line, which I'm sure you'd figure out which song I got it from:

♪♫ "Twenty minutes before take off, Sitting here at the airport lounge..." ♪♫

(Akala nyo "Leaving on a Jetplane" kakantahin ko, no? Hehe!)

Ciao for now, guys!  Blog on...  at abangan ang pagbabalik ni Karenina ;)



  1. Talagang aabangan ko ang pagbabalik ni Karenina, LOL!

    I am happy you'll be able to finally set foot sa Lupang Hinirang after 6 long years, KM. Kaya ok lang yon kahit na di ka makakapag bloghop nyan. In case na di ka magextend ng vacation mo by December, pagbalik mo dyan sa Tate, ako naman ang out of town for a week, hehehe. Work-related parin to di tulad nyang sayo na bakasyon grande.

    Make the most out of this vacation. Can't wait for your updates when you get back.

    Take care always and God speed all the way!


  2. Bon Voyage! Enjoy your vacation

  3. Whhoooaaaaa!! Thanks naman at nakapag post ka pa before your scheduled flight same as what I requested you via our favorite "shout box". You mean 6 long years???that u never set foot in the Philippine soil? OMG! That was a long time.....Ako nga 3x a year halos umuuwi sa Pinas minsan pero I still feel like missing my home a lot! Oh well....what can I say more? I just wanted to wish you a safe and happy trip and I feel equally excited imagining the big smile in your face while you meet your parents, siblings and friends back home. You're such a beautiful soul and I just deserved the best!

    Enjoy! Have fun! God Bless!

    *hugs* to you....

  4. Hahaha! May farewell post ka pa ha...

    Enjoy your vacation. Siguradong super excited ka na...I can't wait to read your next post...

    Favor, if hindi talaga kaya ang long post kahit pictures na lang ha. I will surely miss you Karenina...

    Praying for a safe trip home. God bless you and Vince.


  5. Naks naman! Welcome home na ate! ;) Regards nyo na lang ho ako kay KC! ;)

    Alam ko na feeling ni papaleng ngayon. HEHE.

  6. oist... wag kalimutan ang pluma ahihihi :) at isa din akong penduter kaya hehehhe ;)

  7. Hello ate KM! Ay, this is sad. I'll miss you! Pero good news din 'cause you're going to be out for a great vacation in the country. Good luck po and enjoy your stay in the Phil. :)

    Namention mo talaga ako as one of your kakwentuhans. Thank you so much! I'll wait for your grand come back! Have a safe trip ate KM!

    And oh, thanks nga pala for the memes. Baka makagamit ko rin soon! :D

  8. Siguro nasa plane ka na ngayon no? Kanina nasa FB ka pa eh, hahaha!

    I can't wait to get hold of the lovely postcard from you, KM. Thanks for keeping your promise at naisama sa maleta nyo ang postcard for me :-)

    Be safe always!

  9. happy trip para sa iyo ate KM. Namention tlaga ko sa post mo. salamat naman ng marami. at wag ka mag alala palagi pa din ako dadalaw sa blog mo at aabangan ang iyong muling pagbabalik... kamehameha? :D

  10. Daan ako dito now sis. Pinas ka bah?

    Miss na kita agasd ah! Hahaha

  11. I hope you arrived safely, KM and Dr. Vince :-)

    Will you be heading straight to Bora? Can't wait to see your sexy pics ;-)

  12. wow! after 6 years makikita mo na rin ang mahal mo sa this your first time na nawala ng matagal sa Pinas?

    natuwa naman ako dun sa list mo...kasama ako sa regular mong commenter hahaha!

    enjoy your vacation, KM!

  13. ayun namention ako..:).ei ingat km sa byahe...andito pa rin ako lagi na susuporta sayo..pasalubong ha..hahaha

  14. I left you an AWARD at Bella's blog Tita KM.

    How's your vacation? Can't wait to see your pictures and hear your stories.


  15. Karennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Nasaan ka na? Hehehehe!

    Missing you here, KM! Posted a shout at your FB wall. Nasa Bora na ata kayo ni Dr. Vince. Have fun and savor each and every moment.


  16. Nasaan na si Karenina? BOW!

    Nagkasakit na kami ni Krizza sa sobrang pagkamiss namin sayo, KM. Isipin mo yan! Hahaha!

    I hope your having a grand vacay back home.


  17. Happy Trip.. Goodbless po and I am sure you will enjoy your vacation... Can't wait to read your post about your long awaited vacation....:)

  18. HEY hey hey.. ingat ingat... enjoy ur vacation here ha.. pag may time ka, pwede mo kong ivisit. LOl :d

  19. Happy trip! Enjoy your vacation!

  20. Hay! Anong araw na? Di pa naaaprub ang comments ko, LOL! Namimiss ko na ang blogger na may-ari ng seksing blog na to :-)

    I hope you're having a grand time back home, Karen.

    Can't wait to have you back with a vengeance! :-)

  21. I am sure sobrang enjoy ka na dyan with your family and friends back home, KM. Sige lang, mag-enjoy ka lang ng mag-enjoy. Pagbalik mo, kami naman ang mageenjoy sa mga blogposts mo, hehe!

    Missing Yah! Mwah!

  22. Lainyyyyyy!!!! Araw araw ka rin pala tumatambay dito ah... Hehehe

    Miss na kita sis KM... Magparamdam ka. Parang kulang ang araw pag hindi namin nababasa mga comments mo.

    How's your vacation?Picture! Picture! Picture! LoL!

    Miss yah!!! Hugs!

  23. I am glad you finally had the time to approve all our comments. I am sure sobrang saya mo kasama ang pamilya.

    Can't wait to see you back, KM. Hugs!

  24. Helloooooo!!!!

    Miss ka na namin!

  25. great blog and nice share post :)
    happy visiting here

  26. visiting you today!
    nasa Pinas ka na ba?

  27. bongga o may plano kana po ba? kung ano una mo gagawin pag dating na pinay

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  28. Hi KM! Kumusta na? Kita mo naman, kahit wala ka, araw- araw ako nandito, walang palya, hahaha! Binubulabog ko lang ang nananahimik mong sexy blog ;-)

  29. Have a wonderful trip! God bless you on your time there and in your travels. What a gift from Him to travel. Look forward to reading all about it. Hugs

  30. Hola KM! Panalo si Pacman natin! Wohooo! I wonder kung nanood kayo kasama ang family mo? :-)

  31. WOoohhooooooh!

    Congratz KM! Nagbakasyon kalang, naging PR 2 na ang blog mo. Paburger naman dyan, hehehe!


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