Saturday, November 19, 2011


Pakoy and the rest of my family (except my brother-in-law) rode an airplane for the first time when we flew to Boracay via Kalibo, Aklan last week.  If the adults were very much excited, how much more the very curious 3-year-old tot, right?   It was interesting to hear each one's reactions and comments after going through the checking in and screening process at the airport.   I thought it was really cute that little Pakoy had to pass through scanners/detectors, remove his shoes, and step his tiny feet onto the small platform to be frisked by security officers.  *Aaaawwww :)

While waiting for our plane to arrive, I explained to Pakoy the whatabouts of riding a plane including how to board, fastening your seatbelt, turbulence, etc.   He was attentive and playful at the same time you wouldn't think he was paying attention to what I was saying, and actually retaining them.  He watched planes flew and landed from and on the runway, and when the time came for us to board our plane, he was giddy giddy happy as can be.  He sat by the window and had a great view of buildings and structures getting smaller as our plane was ascending.   We pointed to him clouds of various shapes and sizes as we traversed the blue sky.   He kept his seatbelt on when required.   He was a very good boy throughout his first flight.  Manila to Kalibo is just about a 40-minute fly time, and Pakoy was awake for the whole duration of the ride.

Being the smart boy Pakoy is, our subsequent flights turned out to be boring for him.   He most likely got tired listening to all my plane ride stories.  We even went over the safety measures more than a couple of times just to keep himself entertained during taxi and while waiting for the fasten seatbelt sign to go off.   He perfectly understood the illustrations in the safety guide pamphlet, and with the way his eyes lit up as he blurted out in joyous tone, "Wow, slide!", I swear he must have secretly wished for an emergency landing.   Sooner than later, he probably realized that plane rides are overrated and generally uneventful, so when I asked him to take a nap, he obliged without batting an eyelash.  He was sucking away his index finger and tickling his nose to dreamland long before the fasten seatbelt sign went off.  Hehe!

Pakoy chose to sit with Tita Mae on our Manila to Naga flight :)


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  1. Pakoy is so lucky for having a tita like you. He's certainly the baby in the family. Everything he needs and wants are given to him. :) Buti pa siya, at the age of 3, nakasakay na ng plane. Ako ata eh 12 years old na. LOL

    Anyway, inggit naman ako sa Bora trip niyo ate KM! You look like you are having so much fun on your vacay here in the country. Where's the next stop? Hope to read more of your escapade posts!

  2. Ang cute nga naman talaga ni Pakoy. Siguro na-bore sya na wala namang thrilling na nangyari the entire duration of the plane ride, LOL! He just sat there the whole time. Haha!

    I wonder kung kelan nila tatanggalin sa checking in procedure yong pag-aalis ng shoes. I've heard, babaguhin nila yan. It causes so much inconvenience for passengers.

    Do hug and kiss Pakoy for me, KM. Ang cute nya. Now I can't wait for my nephew Xyle to grow up like Pakoy, LOL!


  3. hello KM!
    i enjoyed reading your vacation posts, naghabol magbasa... you really had a grand time with your family
    your nephew is so cute! wala pa ba kayong plano magka-baby?

  4. Pakoy looks like really enjoying his first plane ride but the doting Tita looks more thrilled being an important part of this experience. I'm happy to see those smiles registered on your face KM! That means you are truly enjoying every moment of it!

    Take care!

  5. Wow! At nakapag airplane na rin si Pakoy! Hahaha...

    Surely you have a very memorable vacation with your family sis and made even enjoyable with Pakoy's kakulitan... Hehehe

    Thanks for sharing. We will also be leaving for Cagayan a day after tomorrow to attend my nephew's 2nd birthday...

    Welcome Back! You are so back and I'm happy about it. Hugs!

  6. Aw. Ang saya naman! :D
    Buti pa siya, 3 years old pa lang, nakasakay na ng plane. Ako nga hindi pa e. HAHAHA. (shame on me)

    Anyway, I bet you had loads of fun! :)

  7. @ Algene, ay naku, oo, super center of attention 'tong batang 'to sa family. Kaya dapat masundan na or magkaroon ng pinsan ;)

    Buti ka pa din 12 y/o lang nakasakay na ng plane, kasi ako 25 y/o pa. Haha!

    Super fun nga ng vacation ko especially while Vince was here. Ngayon medyo lie low na sa gala and back to work din starting today :( Just making the most out of the remaining days and spending time with my family ^^

    @ Lainy, kakagigil sa ka-cute-an at kakagigil din sa kakulitan itong si Pakoy. LOL.

    i heard from my sis that US is considering to take off the shoe removal process during screening. some airports don't do that like the one in Beijing, Taiwan, and Vancouver (?). medyo inconvenient nga but i guess, better safe than sorry. kung sa super strict na screening ng US, may mga nakakalusot pang terorista and hijackers, i think it's worth it to be tight when it comes to airport security ;)

    di lang hugs at kisses, sobrang ikukurot pa kita kay Pakoy, hehe ! don't worry kids grow up fast, so don't blink an eye because you don't want to miss a milestone in Xyle's childhood :)

    @ Reese, thanks for taking time to catch up on my blog. Super inenjoy talaga namin 'tong first vacation ko. Hopefully next year talaga makabalik kami ulit and who knows baka may chikiting na din kami ni Vince that time ;)

    @ Krizza, super thrilled talaga. Kung pwede lang lapirutin ko 'tong pisngi ni Pakoy, ginawa ko na every second. Haha ! Pero sobrang kulit din nito, mapapagod ka sa kadaldalan nya, walang tigil sa pagdaldal. Minsan napapalo ko din, pero nakakaawa pag naiyak na kaya after ko paluin at pagalitan, aamuhin ko din naman. Hehe!

    @ Rovie, thank you ! Have a safe trip ha? And enjoy din yung birthday ng nephew mo! Kakatuwa talaga magkaroon ng pamangkin, no? I'm sure super relate ka talaga dun dahil ikaw din eh isang super supportive, loving, and caring aunt :)

    @ Umi, thank you at nagawi ka sa blog ko at nag-iwan pa ng comment! Sabi ko nga sa taas, ako 25 y/o na nakasakay ng airplane, kung di pa ako umalis at nag abroad - kumustahin mo naman yan di ba? Hehe!

    *Group Hug*

  8. good morning to you..thanks for the have a nice site here

  9. Dami natutuhan ni Pakoy sayo ah! Naku ako takot ako sa turbulence! Nagdadasal nako pag ganyan! hahaha! Ilang beses nako nakasakay ng plane pero di pa rin ako sanay sa turbulence. Can't wait to see your boracay photos!

  10. have a wonderful monday night to you..keep your posts comin'


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