Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Tube top from Costa Blanca
Jeans from American Eagle
A tube top is a piece of clothing that is shoulderless and sleeveless and wraps around the upper body/torso.  Generally, tube tops are very tight over the chest/breast area, so as to prevent and avoid these garments from falling down.  This is usually achieved by using elastic material for the whole garment, or by simply putting a garter on top and/or bottom, and/or around the chest/breast area of the garment.  I read from Wikipedia that the first tube top was actually a "mistake," however, samples of the product were being distributed already.  Surprisingly, the tube top received positive reactions from the market, which placed them on shelves worldwide within a month or two.  It reached its peak in popularity in late '70s, and disappeared from the fashion scene in early to mid '90s.  It regained the limelight in 2000's, and with various versions of the style coming out, it has been "in" since then.

My only tip for ladies out there who are fond of wearing tube tops is that to make sure that you wear a nice undergarment with it.  Wardrobe malfunctions often happen, and you don't want to be caught wearing granny undies.  LOL.  Seriously, you don't want to flaunt unsightly things, so equip yourself with a good-looking and supportive undergarment, in case an "accident" happens (as they say).  Hehe!  In my case, I usually wear a bandeau over a strapless brassiere under a tube top.  I just can't afford a Janet Jackson nip slip moment! ☻


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  1. if i may just add..make sure that you shave your know it's given. i'm fond of wearing this only at home, not outside. i hate my collar bone! kasi ang payat ko. there's a tendency din na kumukuba ako if i'm wearing one :)

  2. summer na summer look ka nah...lets enjoy spring first.hehehe...You're gorgeous girl,bagay na bagay sayo.
    About sa tagging, take you time no hurry. Thanks at pinaunlakan mo.

  3. awww! looking sexy in the tube top Sis Karen :-) love the color too :-) is it warm in PA now Sis? Visiting from #88 of BPC.

  4. This post is very informative. I learned a lot about the history of tube tops -- how it evolved from a simple mistake to glamorous fashion. And let me just say that you look fantastic in it too! Spring is coming, and so you embrace it with the flowery print that's just very welcoming.

    The pointers are quite useful as well. Ladies should pay attention to that.

    Awesome post! Keep 'em coming!

    *Sana ay nagdulot ng saya ang aking komento.

    Good morning ms KM!

  5. if i have the sexy arms such as yours, i'd wear tube tops and tank tops when going outdoors.
    gee, i missed those smiles:)

  6. hhahaa...nip slip talaga...kakahiya kaya! you look great on your sexy tube sis!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  7. Di ko kayang magsuot ng tube top alone without cardigan or something:( Anyway, cute sya KM:)

    Visiting for #88 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  8. Ang tseksi naman! Dati nakakapagsuot ako ng ganyan pero dahil lumaki na ang mga braso ko, di ko na carry! kailangn magbawas ng timbang.

  9. i love tube top! cause it shows my sexy shoulder blades. hehehe

    from BPC

  10. I used to love wearing tops, esp. when I was in Pinas, kasi naman, ang init doon! Now, I can't wear them. Ang lalaki na kasi ng mga braso ko. Nakakahiya na talaga. Lol.

    BPC hop!

  11. never pa ako nakapag wear ng ganyan, alam mo naman sa mga public figure na tulad ko, di maisuot ang gusto... pero teka, mag diet muna ako bago ako mag try nyan ah... he he :)

  12. You look lovely and sexy my dear. Tube tops are not my go to outfit, but once in a while I would wear it when the weather is very unforgiving and you wish you were naked because it is so hot! hehehehe.. Visiting late via BPC.

  13. woootwew! sexy! gorgeous sis :) i am not fond in wearing tube tops but i was able to wear a halter dress (parang tube tsaka may tie from front to back of the neck coz I'm afraid it might slip down. was able to wear it to review a product, waaa...). i bet you're excited to wear those back in this warm days...


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