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Here's my share for Memory Lane Monday's last theme for this month - College Graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology '99

Yesterday, I saw a music video that a classmate from college shared in Facebook.  It's apparently a baccalaureate mass video entitled, "Bakit mo mahal ang UST?"  ("Why do you love UST?"), made by a group of students.  I get a wee bit sentimental watching it because it just brings me back so much memories of my fun College days, particularly of my barkadas, classmates and close friends.  I started college at quite a young age (15), so I could say that I did spend a good deal of my teenage years in UST.  My favorite lines in the song are, "...dito tayo umibig, dito tayo umiyak, at sama-samang nagsaya..." (here was where we loved, cried and rejoiced together) - which are all true to me - I didn't only learn academics in UST but I also discovered some of the most wonderful things in life like friendship, camaraderie, companionship, youth, and basically, growing up.

Anyway, as you can read above, I graduated at a time when taking photos meant you need to have a camera with a film in it, so the college grad pics I have with me are prints.  About two years ago, I made it my project to scan all the old photos I have, so I could have digital copies, but my scanner and computer were not very cooperative.  I haven't been able to finish that project and still in progress up to now but I have a few already saved in my computer, so here goes some of my yesterday-once-more in pics:


This was held the night before our graduation day.  I think I was post 16 or 24-hour duty that day but I didn't want to miss the baccalaureate ceremony, so I attended despite the lack of sleep.

Purple - the official color of the Faculty of Pharmacy
including Medical Technology, Biochemistry and Botany

The south borders of the barkada - Kuya, Arts, Baby G, and Momsie.  I miss you, guys!

Chillaxing in the main building second floor after the baccalaureate ceremony with some of my kabarkadas.  I sort of have a big barkada, and pictured here are Sam, me, Weng, Chipp, Artie and JP.


I should've worn a smudge-proof, waterproof mascara.

This is my favorite graduation picture of my "I-E dissolved class" barkada.  Unfortunately,
I was busy having my photo taken with my "crush" then, hence, that explains
why I'm not in this pic :( 


My third year class picture - last academic year before we embarked on internship.
That year, we said goodbye to our old school uniforms and daily classroom lectures, but NOT to our friends!  Majority from my class and batch subsequently went to medicine school, so most of them regularly saw each other (or even went to school together) after college,  but for the few of us who didn't, I could say that we're thankful that through Facebook and modern technology per se, we get to stay in touch and updated with each other as we wish ☻

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  1. You already had that smile since then ate! :) Nakaka mesmerize! :)

    Nice photos po pala!

  2. at ang ganda ganda mo dyan girl sa pichur na yan... siguro andaming me crush sau nung college.. he he.. ako nga din, mai scan nga din mga pichurs nung mga school days in time immemorial... :)

  3. Ang gander gander naman ng kemers na yan! Sooo cuteness! Miss o ng college life ha? Miss ko din Ikaw

  4. You look lovely my dear! :) Those are some precious photos you got. I too miss my classmates and friends back in school days. How wonderful you have those photos to treasure. Thanks for sharing them! :)

  5. Happy graduation Ms KM! (I'm just making fun of those who leave comments without even reading, haha! I find them entertaining).

    About this post, it's cool to look back and reminisce the past. These memories are like fibers of our humanity. They make up who we are, at these very moment. They are like these force that can also fuel our dreams so we work hard to reach for them.

    See ya!

    Btw, nice graduation pic. ☺

  6. Wow! I love this post, KM! Ang sarap balik-balikan ng kahapon, ano? You should have joined this post to MLM- Memory Lane Monday meme which is college graduation yung theme. I posted my entry here:

    Buti ka pa, ang daming pics mo nung college. Ang sa akon naman, binaha lahat ni Sendong ang mga naiwan kong gamit sa CDO. Nakakaiyak nga eh. :(

    Anyway, I love the very first pic! Ang ganda mo! :)

    BPC hop! :)

  7. awwww! you are so darling and pretty Sis Karen :-) love those graduation pic :-) mine is all left in my home town :-) Dropping by for BPC.

  8. you look beautifully innocent in that photo... Hehehe Ang saya talaga ng college days....

    kagaya mo malawak din ang set of friends ko... iba iaba ng reading your post made me miss all of them...

    Plan ko nga na i scan ang mga old photos ko kaya lang ala pang scanner eh....

  9. all these photos's always good to reminisce the old times...:)

    thanks for joining BPC!

  10. Getting sentimental?(hehe) Indeed, that was a memory that u really treasure of.

  11. ang sarap tlga balikan ang mga good memories...

  12. Good memories to treasure.. love to reminisce all of 'em. Your links are added by the way, have a nice weekdays ahead!

  13. you are beautiful Sis Karen :-) oh memories that will last forever with your classmates the fun you had will lingers from these happy photos :-) Dropping by for Wednesday Whites.

  14. ay super pretty ka KM tsaka so innocent ang looks mo. Visiting from WW.

  15. Ang sayang balikan sistah mga masasayang ala-ala:)

    Visiting for WW- hope you cans top by:)

  16. beautiful graduation photos KM! its always nice to look back and remember college days. kaka miss ano?

    from WW

  17. waaaa, super late ne me! pasensya sis, was busy being a maid and limited in my time online in the previous weeks (opps at spring cleaning the house). this week, i want to payback visit. pharmacy ka pala sis ha. and wow, UST!!! bibigaten :) i remember UST reviewers helped me increase my knowledge in passing the NLE in 2007. my credits to those reviewers in that school. pwede ka pa naman mag-medicine dyan sa place nyo in PA diba? buti ka pa, dami mong adventures in life!

  18. wow so cute of you KM! love your smile! thanks for joining...


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