Friday, April 18, 2014


What's the worth of working for hours and hours proofing a 27-page report, which after you got everything lined up, cleaned up, cross checked, and prettified, you make the mistake of overwriting the file, thus sending its existence to bane? Gone, vamos, vanished, baboosh! Just.Like.That. There's no crying over spilled milk, so inevitably and ultimately, I re-did the file - all 27 pages from scratch. Betchabygollywow. I think I need a stress pill. STAT if you please!

Or maybe not. How about a couple of new flip flops, some new dresses (seven pieces not enough? more?) to wear here and there, few new swimsuits and bikinis... and a weeklong tropical vacation to The Bahamas maybe? Yeah, forget the stress pill, because THOSE are exactly what I need to de-stress!

These ladies will have fun in The Bahamas with me!
*Havaianas and Victoria's Secret*
Because of the confusion and chaos that my double agent (SAHM WAHM) life has brought me in the past how-many-weeks now, I hereby declare and invoke my right to splurge. Retail therapy mode on!

I name them Sahmmy and Wahmmy ;)
So those are but a few of my loot. There's more to come in the mail and my shopping list is still open. A new waterproof digital camera is definitely in order since I found out that our old one is no longer working and has given up the ghost after its faithful service to us in our various trips including Jamaica, Florida, Boracay and Hawaii. 

On a more serious note, while I do enjoy the purchasing power I get from my very own hard-earned money, I still will not deny that career and mommy duties are taking their toll on me. Waaaahhh! My aging process has sped up twice. Double the trouble. Double the wrinkles. Double the fat. Goodness me!

I feel that I may have to choose one or the other. I'm no Superwoman, and it's impossible for me to give in to the demands of mommyhood and my job 101% all the time and at the same time. I'm in a dilemma and seriously torn about it. If only I can get a little help, I can totally rock this... but then again... sigh!

With that, allow me to bid adieu by sharing the current anthem of my life, courtesy of the late Karen Carpenter:

"I'm caught between goodbye and I love you,
Never knowing quite where I stand,
I'm caught between goodbye and I love you,
Falling both ways, nowhere to land
So constantly stranded, I can't understand it
This double life you've handed me
Is like the devil and the deep blue sea."



Thank God It's Friday! Thank God it's a long weekend. Thank God for sending His only begotten Son to die on the cross and shed His blood for the atonement of our sins. Thank God that on the third day He rose and is alive forevermore. Hallelujah and Praise God for saving my soul! Have a blessed Friday and happy Resurrection Sunday to all my brethren in Christ.


  1. Apir naman sa Destressiffication, Teh! Shopping for me is very therapeutic to relieve me of all the stress and negative vibes out of my body. You do deserve it anyway for working doubly hard especially now that you're under such predicament. I almost can hear you groaning from here! LOL!

    Anyhow, I feel excited for your upcoming trip. Looks like you're all set to go na! I can't wait for all your photos and blog posts later on for detailed narration. Don't mind all the double troubles for now. Enjoy mommyhood to the fullest.


  2. Ate KM... pasama sa Bahamas please!!! Hay, gusto ko ding mag destress kaso ang mahal. hehehehe!

    Have fun Ate! :)

  3. You so deserve that destressification Teh! I can't wait to see you in your bikini. Pasilip din ng Bahamas ha!

    Have fun under the sun while enjoying family time. Hugs!

  4. Welcome to the club! ha ha ha

    And wow that was one great DESTRESSIFICATION you did it right my fellow SuperWoman ha ha ha

    Btw KM I hope that you could be a part of the current fun that I started on my blog, you can find the details here, Some of the guest blogger's article are already published :)


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