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Vince and I were in Maryland last Saturday for an appointment with our tax preparer.  Of course, the foodies in us grabbed that chance to experience Fogo de Chao - a quite popular churrascaria or Brazilian steakhouse in Baltimore, MD.  We tried to make a reservation last month we were in Maryland, but it seems like it is a very busy restaurant that the only slot available was for 10:30 p.m.  Ahhmmmm, who eats dinner that late, right?  Maybe if we live in the area we would've gone for it, but since we're from PA, we passed and made plans to do it the next time we're back - and that's what we exactly did last Saturday.

I was hoping I could share photos of my Fogo de Chao dining experience but unfortunately, I can't.  The valet parking attendants there (which were all Pinoy) were in such a hurry to get us out of the car (my purse even dropped on the road when an attendant nonchalantly opened my door), hence, we forgot our camera in the car.  Never mind my iPhone, I forgot it at home *toinks* 

Anyway, that wasn't our first time churrascaria dining experience.  Vince's first was at Brazil! Brazil! in Manila, Philippines, and mine was at Copacabana in Toronto, ON Canada. When we compared Fogo de Chao to our previous Brazilian steakhouse experiences, our verdict was that we liked our previous experiences better.  Vince said he enjoyed Brazil! Brazil!'s flavors better.  I thought the churrasco they served in Fogo de Chao were very tasty to the point that the flavors could get overpowering you wouldn't want to have seconds.  Although, in terms of price, Fogo is quite comparable with Brazil! Brazil! and Copacabana, however, I felt that since I didn't eat much, I didn't get my money's worth :(  Vince paid around $120 for both of us, but it seems like I only ate $20 worth of food.   The servers in Fogo de Chao, however, are very prompt, fast paced and courteous (they'd pull out chair for ladies; they check every now and then to see if a table needs side dish refills; etc.)

Speaking of servers, on the other hand, there are really good looking servers in Copacabana that you would want to keep your "hot" sign on.  LOL.  (You flip the "on fire" sign if you want servers to bring you churrasco or flip it to "cool down" if you want to pass).  I remember having so much fun with my BFF the first time I ate in Copacabana.  Like I said, they had a bunch of guapo servers that we gave each one names like Manong Matthew McCounaghey, etc. There was this one particular server that caught our attention but he was kinda timid compared to the other guys, and he manned the salad bar, so he rarely went to serve tables.  When I saw him doing his rounds with a pitcher of water, I poured my water to my BFF's empty glass just in time for Mr. Good Looking Server to see that I need water refill.  All smiles to Mr. Good Looking Server when I said my sweetest, "Thank you."  Hahaha!  Also, what I love about Copacabana is that they have very nice entertainment there including a live band, Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) exhibition, and colorful Copacabana dancers!  Those and the good looking servers, on top of the churrasco they serve, make it all worth the fancy bill I paid ;)

♪♫ Her name was Lola.  She was a showgirl!

With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.
...At the Copa, Copacabana ♪♫
I miss the busy and lively Eglinton Street East!


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  1. Never heard of Brazil!Brazil! How long has it been since I last stepped the crowded ground of Manila? I would like to experience dining in a restaurant with guapo servers while these showgirl dancing. I bet they are doing belly dancing.

    Thanks for linking to 366 BPC

  2. You lived in PA and went to MD just for your tax thingy? How long of a drive was that, KM? Sounds like a hassle. LOL. Kami kasi, in our own computer lang namin ginagawa yung pagpa-file ng tax namin. LOL.

    BPC hop!

  3. wow. that brazil brazil sounds good. i never been to such a fine dining place in the city since i came here in US. hubby and i always go for country style family restaurants cause he loves the bake beans. =)

    from BPC

  4. wow! I wish andyan ako sa place na yan...marami palang good looking servers..hahaha. Visiting from #99 BPC.

  5. she looks lively and colorful Sis Karen :-) I love your hair, you look so bloom here :-) Glad that you're done filing your tax :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  6. sexy dancers :-) love her outfit :-) Sis Karen, I love your heart-shape face :-) love your hair like that too :-) You both are lovely couples :-) when can we see the fruit of love? Dropping by from MLM.

  7. whoa! my goodness! the show girl looks moves so fast in you pictures :) my hubbz can't dare to see women like that though. hehe glad to know you're enjoying your time na sis. our tax is done yesterday. waaaa... ugh, paid quite a bit in my self employment tax this year. thanks for joining MLM sis!


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