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My job used to be very demanding that at some point I was working almost 50-60 hours per week. Believe it or not, there was even one time that I worked from 9:00 a.m. to almost 11:00 p.m., and some of my coworkers were working even until 1:30 a.m. (and would come back at 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. later for another helluva shift!) Yes, it was that bad and crazy, and there was just sooooo much to do that it felt like I didn't have much choice but to work overtime. Naturally, you'd think that working really late would mean a lighter load the following day, right? Of course not! I'd go to work the next day only to find myself in much deeper swamp.

Anyway, when your life pretty much just revolved around work, it could get depressing and frustrating. One time I was really feeling burnt out, that I felt I need a quick de-stressor ASAP, and the first thing that entered my mind is SHOES. My workplace, being located only a couple of blocks away from the biggest shopping mall in Toronto (Eaton Centre), retail therapy was definitely not an issue. At a little over 6:00 p.m., I logged off at work and walked my way to Dundas and Yonge. It didn't take me long to get to one of the four Aldo stores in Eaton Centre. I quickly scanned the store and a pair of gladiator wedges caught my eye. I asked the sales associate for my size but as expected, they didn't have it. I really liked it though, so I tried my luck with the next size, and wow, I felt like Cinderella when the shoes magically fitted me just perfectly fine like it was really meant to be!

So, the next day when I came to work, my work pile was still over my head high, but at least the few inches of my new wedges gave me a little boost, literally and figuratively :)


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  1. Hi KM! In fairness, your shoes is such a cutie! I just that think with those long hours of work, you deserve to get 2 more pairs...hehehe.


  2. Tanggal nga ang stress mo sa ganda ng shoes na nabili mo!

  3. I love the way you pampered yourself teh! You really deserve that shoes. And nahappy ako sa "So, the next day when I came to work, my work pile was still over my head high, but at least the few inches of my new wedges gave me a little boost, literally and figuratively :)"

    Love it!

  4. All work and no play can be boring and stressful. You totally deserve those shoes, sister! I love it. Now if you get tired od it, thrown it my way and I'll take it. hahahaha... Just kidding! But really if you do. hahaha.... Anyway, stopping by here. Hope you are doing okay.

  5. Aldo Addict ka pala KM, I like Chanel and columbia for hiking, or sometimes brandless..hehhe

    Regarding your questions:
    Dami magaganda sa Arizona kulang lang one week mo doon.We're planning to go back and check other attractions.

  6. ayay! can't afford aldo deserve it sis...ano pala work mo?

    BPC hop!

  7. those wedges looks hot Sis Karen :-) am sure it looks sexy on you too :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  8. It seems like you are a fan of Aldo brand of shoes KM. This i think is the 2nd Aldo story that I've read. It is a lovely pair. About the job you are talking about, grabe naman. That sure is you do deserve a pair of new Aldo. Hehe.

  9. shoegasm! ♥

    I so love love your shoes Ate KM! :)

    Meron din akong ganyan.. kaso flat nga lang at hindi from Aldo! :P

    Pero same color and style!

  10. wow nice shoes.. I could really relate to the stressing work and a workplace near a mall.. buying shoes could really relieve some stress.. :)

  11. He,he..Sweet naman ng story:) Ganda ng shoes mo Karen:)

    Visiting for 109 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  12. That's gorgeous KM, you deserve it girl :D <a href="> A Paradise called Boracay</a>

  13. That's a gorgeous Wedge! I love it! :D

    As for the work situation-- I am NO to doing a lot of overtime kasi nakakasira ng health. LOL. Di bale na yung OT rate, kung magkasakit naman... ouch! LOL.

    BPC hop here!

  14. hahaha... that's nice... i really would love to wear wedges all the time, kaso nasa bahay lang ako... hubby also doesn't like it when i wear high heeled shoes kasi ako na ang aakbay sa kanya...hehehe... very late bpc hop here.

  15. lol! i know how u feel, because i do the same! haha.. shoe therapy. lol

    from BPC


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