Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Aside from bags, I guess we can all agree that shoes are yet again one thing that girls cannot seem to never have enough of.  Can I get an amen to that? ☻

When it comes to shoes, my go-to brand is Aldo.  I appreciate the fact that:

1)  They carry my size (5 or 35)
2)  Their shoes are fashionable and
3)  Affordable.

So a couple of late nights ago, I was pestering my husband to help me choose over several pairs of shoes I was eyeing on.  Poor Vince - he just came from a recent stint of two-week night float and at present is on a busy rotation too - he was obviously fighting the urge to sleep amidst my whining and shoe dilemma, to which he replied in a calm manner, "Why not just buy all those?  That usually solves the problem, right?"  I said to him, "I shouldn't buy four pairs. That's too much.  Plus, I also want to get a clutch bag to match with the shoes I'm getting."  Not long after that, Vince fell asleep, and so I made the decision on my own.  Since I thought four pairs is a lot, guess what, I convinced myself that three pairs and a clutch bag are not excessive.  Oh dear, I swear I heard Visa and Mastercard's loud applaud on me as I completed the online transaction.  Ka-ching!

Anyway, while contemplating over the purchase I made, it dawned on me that shoes, as vain and materialistic they may portray a person to be (no offense meant to Ms. Imelda Romualdez Marcos), they do have personal and sentimental tales to tell.  When I jogged my memory for unique stories behind each of my shoes, true enough, I was able to come up with bits and pieces of anecdote/story for each.  Hence, the birth of this blog segment entitled, "My Shoes and the Tales they Tell."

So, without further ado, here goes nothing:


In summer of 2008, I, along with six friends, went to Montreal, Quebec for an overnight getaway.  It was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, and this pair of sandals was the perfect souvenir from that trip.  Why perfect?  Because the first freestanding Aldo store was opened in Montreal in 1978.  Well, I didn't know that then, but it matters now that I know *wink*

Like I said, that trip was more of a biglaang lakad pero natutuloy (unplanned trip yet gets pushed through), so we didn't have a solid itinerary.  We strolled along downtown Montreal and checked out the different boutiques and stores they have there, and as if there's not enough Aldo stores where we came from in Toronto, we took the time and effort to check out an Aldo store there.  During the short span of time we were in Montreal, we were convinced that the locals there were not used to seeing Filipinos, and they were probably racking their brains trying to figure out where the heck did people like us originate from and what the heck were we doing there.  Based on the peculiar looks and quizzed stares we got from the locals, it was obvious that they were stumped by our exotic looks and strange language (all of us in that trip were Pinoy so we conversed in Tagalog among ourselves).  It is still vivid in my memory how the young Aldo sales associate spoke to me in French, and when I replied in English, she smiled politely, and quickly mumbled, "Ah, English."  Anyway, to cut the long story short, even if Je ne parle pas Francais, that didn't hinder me from buying a pair of sandals ☻


I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  Come back again next week for another edition of:

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  1. Bravo! 3 pairs of shoes and a bag??? Wow, that's great! I'm happy for you that finally, you were able to decide to get what you really want.. You also got Vince's support, so no guilty feeling, right? Hehehe

    Congrats on the new segment that you have here. looking forward for more stories on your next posts. Hmmm...miss u na and our chikahan. God Bless!

  2. that shoes look so comfy Sis Karen :-) wow! you have a small feet :-) Dropping by from MLM.

  3. Hahaha! Your hubby is so like my husband. Or, I guess all guys are like that? When I am confused over which one to choose, the hubsy would then tell me, "That's so easy! Get all of them!" Waaaaah! I would always want to, but the thriftiness in me would demand some guilt feelings over the bills that would arrive in our mailbox a few days later! Lol.

    Grabe ang liit pala ng paa mo, KM? I used to be 6, but when I got pregnant with Triz, I got really big, including my feet. Ngayon, I wear size 7 na for all my footwear! :D

    I am due in August nga pala. :)

    BPC hop!

  4. Grabe! Buti pasensyoso si dokie. Hehe. Anyway, I love shoes too! At alam mo bang dahil sa may pinto namin sa labas nilalagay shoes namin, the girl next began to have her shoes that have heels na din. Sabi ng mommy Nya, gusto Nyan gayahin yung mga shoes mo. Haha! I was wondering, oh, my shoes inspire! Lol! Anyway, I want to see those shoes, take note those shoes that you purchased online.

  5. Such a nice shoes. i've only read of that brand in the Internet and it is good that it carries your shoe size coz I think the sizes in the US are usually big whether it is clothing or footwear.

    Thanks for linking up to 366 Blog Photo Challenge

  6. Amen from me sister:) Ganyan talaga basta mga babae mahilig sa shopping kasama na ang lahat2x..he,he..

    Visiting for #95 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  7. What a story it is. You sure have stories to tell with your shoes. I am on the lookout for nude pumps these days so I hope to get a new pair. :) hehehe... Women just love shoes ang bags and shoes and bags. Oh, I guess I said that already. hehehe.... :) Lovely shoes! :)

  8. everytime i purchased a pair of shoes, hubby always tells me that Iam becoming Imelda Marcos. hehehehe. i just told him.. watever. lol! Im eyeing some wedges now at charlotte. lol!

    from BPC

  9. love that comfy shoes Sis Karen :-) like the color too, perfect for the warm weather ahead :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  10. Ang pretty naman ng sandals na yan! Bat naman nag french yung Aldo sales associate? Medyo katunog ba ng tagalog ang french o medyo naingayan lang sa inyo sa store kaya tagalog sounded like french. heehee!

  11. Amen! I agree with you even though I'm not a girl but then my sister is really like that I mean she loves shoes and she love to collect shoes. :D

  12. i'm not much of a footwear fan but i'd surely want a nice comfortable pair.. :D

  13. Mukhang napaka comfy ng shoes na iyan ha... Ang swerte mo nga talaga kay doc. Hehehe

    Silip lang dito sa bagong apparel mo...:-)

  14. Wow 3 pairs of shoes.... ipamimigay mo din ba yung iba? haha.. Just kidding...

    I love Aldo too, kaso medyo expensive. Nasa state pa kasi ang mind ko na nagcoconvert into pero. hehe...

  15. oh my goodness! you have a tiny feet (size 5)! so cute nga ang sandals :) thank you for joining MLM sis.

  16. Lovely shoes i like the style :) hey sis i just add your 3 blogs to my link exchange feel free to stop by thanks!


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