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Another tourist spot that is worth seeing in Jamaica is the YS Falls.

Nestled into the rich grounds of YS Estate, the YS Falls is a little bit of paradise with the beauty of the waterfalls surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent trees.  Down from the farm, tourists are transported by a tractor or jitney up to the falls, giving them the chance to see livestock including Zebu (cows) and horses that graze into the luscious greenery of the vast YS Estate.

YS is the shortest named place in Jamaica.  It's not an abbreviation or an acronym for something.  It's just YS - nothing more, nothing less.

The YS Falls is a seven-tiered waterfalls that cascade into natural pools.  Some parts are really rocky and do not allow swimming.  However, there are lifeguards on site to assist and inform guests which parts of the falls are okay for swimming, being able to swim a requirement.  At the very foot of the falls is a man-enhanced natural pool which is suitable for children and guests who cannot swim.

By the shallow part of the falls.

Water shoes are strongly recommended considering that for the most part,
the falls is rocky and slippery
You'll be surprised at what other things you can do at this nature-based attraction. You can swing from ropes hanging on trees (just like Tarzan) and then jump and dunk yourself into the water.  Ziplining is also an option, as well as river tubing.  Clean comfort rooms and change rooms are available in the area, and all efforts are being made to preserve this beautiful paradise.

Those girls behind me surely had fun swinging on the ropes.
I didn't try it.  I didn't even swim.  I thought the falls was too rocky and
slippery, but the main reason why I didn't get myself wet is that
I didn't remember to bring my change of undies/clothes!
I know, right?  Of all the things to forget... Tsk!

More YS info here at this website:  YS FALLS - The Natural Adventure


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    1. Thank you, Mhie! Medyo mataba taba pa ako nung mga panahong yan. Tingnan mo malusog lusog pa ako nyan, halata pa sa braso, tyan, balakang saka hita :D Kahit pano eh pumayat na ako ng konti ngayon ^^

  2. sis, na linked ko na lahat. please check your email emotera.de.soltera@gmail.com nalang. andun links ng blogs ko. thank you.

  3. Sa painting ko lang to nakikita and now in photos. Ang sarap cguro maligo dyan. How I wish I could at least see this paradise of a place before my eyes. Super ganda. And oh you do look sexy in your swimwear KM.

  4. Thanks for sharing another beautiful place... Ang seksi mo nga naman dito KM... Hehehe

    Pa silip silip lang dito... salamat sa mga dalaw...

  5. ang seksi nm KM.. nkakatawa nm s lhat ng pwdeng mklimutan yong undies p tlga.. hahaha

  6. Parental guidance po! Di pa po ako tuli, bawal ako sa mga ganyang pictures. Hehe.

    Wawww, sexy!

  7. i sooo like the yellow color :), you gave me one hint on this... hmmmmm :))

  8. wetwee! woohoo! is it hot in here or is it you Sis Karen? I love your two-piece swimsuit, beautiful color too. Dropping by from BPC.


  9. Ang ganda naman ng YS falls! Pero mas maganda ka sa YS falls! Kering keri mo talaga mag 2 piece KM! Wish ko lang kasing sexy mo ako! heheheh!

  10. That was a lovely place. I also like water falls. It brings me closer to nature lalo na pag pinagmamasdan ko yung malakas na agos ng tubig na napakalinaw. Very relaxing talaga.

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  11. Tweet tweet you look great on your yellow swim wear. And yes you made me laugh of all the things you have to bring is the one that was left behind lol! Thanks for joining Water World Wednesday I do appreciate it.

  12. Very nice captures and great info about the place. Visiting for BPC!

  13. Seksi!!! Hanggang tingin lang ako! lol. That's a really interesting name for a place, ha. YS lang talaga! :)

    BPC hop here!

    Re: Medyo complicated nga pala talaga yung tax filing nyo. Much better nga kung done by the pros! :)

  14. Na tempt.akong sumilip d2 karen thru my cp. Buti nalang may link sa fb. Lol! Magpainggit ba ng pamatay mong katawan. Lol! I miss this blog and most of all the beki blogger behind it.


  15. Sobrang na eksayt ka lang siguro sa trip na to kaya may nakaligtaan hahaha. Di nqmqn obvious na di ka nakiho noh? Lol!

  16. this place look so beautiful KM! lucky u visited it.

    from BPC, heres my late entry for #101

  17. Awww...talbog ang beauty ko:(...super sexy mo sis..super like your 2 yellow piece..at ang ganda ng place. was here for #101 BPC.

  18. Wooott!You look great on our swim wear!Ang ganda ng view and soo inviting!

    Happy CC!


  19. Sama mo ko next time sistah hehehe. Sexy naman!

    Thanks for linking up to Color Connection, I apologize for the late visit, kinda busy at my end . Cookies 'n Creme is one of my entries. Have a great week ahead!

  20. hi KM,
    wow gorgeous and so nice is the place, very refreshing and you look pretty and sexy esp. in yellow two-piece swimsuit.

    here for MYM, hope you can check out my entries too? Monkey Staring Back At Me

  21. Nagbabalik ulit para sa asul hehehe. Please come and see my BLUES, when you get a chance.

  22. Sexy naman like ko yung yellow two piece mo ha:)

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)


  23. wow..Jamaica really is a great place..nice falls wow..I never knew the posters in our wall way back was a real place!! thanks for sharing..sexy talaga din sa model:)

    visiting from TT:) see you back!

  24. Ang sexy ni mama! That's a very nice waterfall... The only place that I went that has waterfalls was in camiguin island, hinde ko pa talaga nakita ng malapitan! :)

    Visiting from TT. :)

  25. hot hot hot Sis Karen love your two-piece, looks beautiful on you :-) beautiful views too, the falls looks refreshing. Dropping by from CC.


  26. weet weeetttt :D sexy

    mine is up http://sandiegowithlovebyjerla.com/2012/04/1065.html

  27. Nice Yellow Bikini..

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by:)


  28. I so love your swimwear, it's my favorite color, late visit for CC last week, mine is up at


    see you there!!!

  29. visiting again from TT


  30. nyahaha, swing over like Tarzan pala ha. hehehe water shoes? slippery floor and is it a natural falls sis? ganda nang swimsuit mo. gorgeous lady in yellow :) dropping by from Tuesday Travels.

  31. I love the views and the pictures Sis Karen :-) looking sexy in that yellow two-piece :-) Dropping by from MYM


  32. Visiting back here, KM, for last week's TT! Na-refresh ako bigla sa kagandahan ng place at ng naka-2-piece! ;-)

    Thanks for constantly joining TT! I always enjoy your share! :)

  33. hot hot hot Sis Karen...beautiful pictures and views of the falls. Dropping by from last weeks TT


  34. wow, the waterfalls look awesome and yes, echoing everyone in saying you look so sexy and pretty! gosh, you are inspiring me to really move this lazy body to get it to fit in a bikini...smiling at your forgetting to bring a set of clothes to change on hehehe, will show this to the hubby who might finally be inspired to join me in my weight loss regimen plan hahaha :-)

  35. beautiful sight Karen, and beautiful you too :)


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