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When Vince and I went to Jamaica in April 2011, we didn't stay in the hotel resort for the whole week we were there.  Not that there wasn't much to do within the confines of Grand Palladium Resorts and Spa.  In fact, the unlimited food and drinks were more than enough to keep us busy.  However, we wanted to take advantage of our visit in the island, so we did several other side trips in between days.  One of the tourist attractions we went to was the Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios.

Me riding on the belly of a Cuban dolphin in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Dolphin Cove offers three interactive programs with dolphins:  Touch encounter lets you touch and kiss dolphins; Encounter swim lets you touch, kiss, play, and belly ride with dolphins; and Swim with lets you touch, kiss, play, and swim (foot push/dorsal pull) with dolphins.  Vince and I did "encounter swim" and we had sooo much fun!  It would have been more fun if they would have allowed personal cameras - especially that they charge extra fee$$$$$$ to participate in those programs.  Guests are somewhat obliged to buy Dolphin Cove's official photos and/or video coverage if they like souvenirs (of course, you'd like one for posterity's sake, right?) - at a somewhat unreasonable price.  So being the cheap us (and it helped that we only brought small cash in our pockets), Vince and I bought just two photos (one for each of us) at $16+ USD a piece.   Don't even bother asking me how much the DVDs cost. *feeling bitter* LOL.

Anyway, other than the dolphin encounter, I also petted a stingray, snorkeled, kayaked, and met and greeted iguanas, snakes, birds, and other animals in Dolphin Cove's jungle trail.  I will blog more about this some other time.

And yeah, if you think swimming with dolphins is cool, wait till you hear about my Seas Aqua Tour and Typhoon Lagoon - Walt Disney World Resort experience, where I swam with sharks, sea turtles, and other more gill-breathing creatures :)

Till then !


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  1. Ang galing naman ng iyong wet 'n wild escapades, KM! Galing-galing! Ang saya-saya siguro ano when I get to experience that too. Hmmm. Kelan pa kaya? LOL!

    So happy to read through your beautiful experiences. Thanks for sharing them. Parang nakapunta na rin ako ;-)

  2. I wish I could also get a close encounter with the dolphins :)

  3. that is an amazing experience!

  4. wow! amazing experience...i love dolphins!
    problem ko di ako marunong lumangoy hahaha

  5. @ Lainy, thanks sa laging pagbisita! na-va-vibes ko it won't be too long for you na ma-achieve din ang mga ganyang escapades ;)

    @ algene, sabi nga nila "wishes do come true" :)

    @ reese, may life vest naman kaya kahit di ka marunong mag swim, mag-f-float ka :D

    ^^ thank you all for your comments. see you around!

  6. Visiting your nice and cool blog..keep in touch..

  7. Oh. Mukhang ang saya-saya! HAHAHA. Masakit lang yata sa bulsa. :D

  8. ei! looks like fun...

    sis pansin ko lang (chika!)... it looks like you will be celebrating your first wedding anniversary here in Pinas... hehehe...

    advance happy anniversary!

  9. Argh!! You are SO LUCKY!!! Sigh... I hope I get to do this at some point. It's going on the bucket list, that's for sure!

  10. @ Mikexplorer, thanks !

    @ drummer, thanks !

    @ Marie, medyo may kamahalan nga, pero sulit na din naman :)

    @ Rovie, uy napansin mo yun ? hehe! mauuna lang ng konti ang anniversary namin, then in a week nasa Pinas na kami. saan ka nga ulit sa Pinas? ;)

    @ Crystal, your bucket list will overflow soon. It's time you start doing them one by one ^^ *hugs*

  11. Hahaha! Sana nga, KM. Good vibes yan kung sakali ;-)

  12. hi sis... sa davao ako... i think we have a common friend si florence... she is my high school barkada...

  13. Oist, kahit na sobrang mahal ang pix, captured perfect naman ang momentum... ;) thanks, for sharing ur travels and those pictures. It's like I am part of your enjoyment :)

  14. @ Lainy, oo, good vibes yan ;)

    @ Rovie, sayang nga talaga, yayain pa naman sana kita pag nag-meet kami ni PS kaso lang sa Manila

    @ Ledz, naku, sinabi mo pa. marami pa sanang ibang pics kaso imagine mo naman gano ka-mahal di ba?

  15. Looks the same at Ocean Adventure in Subic! Went there last time with kids. It was fun especially the 3 shows that we've seen. Super mahal ng charge sa encounter with the dolphins.....so we just content ourselves watching the shows...(lol)

  16. @ Krizza, I've been to Ocean Adventure in Subic twice, but that was before i came to Canada in 2005. I was fascinated and amuzed by the shows too, but i don't think they had an encounter with dolphins program back then. and yes, entrance fee pa lang mahal na, so i can just imagine how much more yung actual encounter. super pinaganda na din siguro nila ang Ocean Adventure sa Subic, no? good for Pinoy tourism! :)

    thanks for passing by my blog ^^

    see you around!

  17. waduh tidak bisa leuguega inglish hehe

  18. Was at this resort many years ago. It is a nice place to visit.

  19. Love your post!
    Hence I pretend that I am a mermaid! LOL!
    I did this in Florida and had a blast!
    Looks like you did too!
    Have a great week!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  20. Such a nice experience!

    Please come and peek at my blue when you get a chance. Have a lovely week!

  21. Thank you all for your comments :)


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