Thursday, September 1, 2011


Looks like I got another blogosphere love here, and this time, my "muchas gracias" and "salamat" go to my ex-co-worker and now blogger buddy, Crystal, for presenting me the Liebster Award.  Boo yeah!!! *cartwheels and splits*

Crystal is the awesome author behind Little Bundle of Contradictions.  I urge you to check out her blog, and I swear, not only you'll be awed by her writing skills, but you'll get helpful tips and a lot of inspiration from an aspiring and very promising writer.  Every Tuesday, she runs a regular "program" in her blog entitled, The Sisterhood of the Dawn.  If you're into modern day vampires, witches and warlocks, you might want to grab a popcorn and follow this spine tingling series written by none other else but Crystal.

Going back to the Liebster Award...  Apparently, Liebster means "favourite" in German.  Recipients of this award are entrusted to link back to the one who has kindly granted it (in this case, me!), as well as the task to pass it to five bloggers who have less than 200 followers so as to spread the word.

And now, without further ado, allow me to present this award to my fellow blogger buddies who deserve as much exposure as any blogger out there:

Rovie - My Journey  

It's on your shoulders now, my dearies, to make or break this chain, which *ahem* by the way reminds me that I have yet to pass around the Versatile Blogger Award *guilty as charged!*- okay, I'm working on it now ;) Ciao!


Okay, so after several hours, I'm back again and updating this post to finally present the Versatile Blogger Award *claps, claps*  This has long been overdue, so let's cut the chase and get this over with :D

I now pass on this award to my fellow bloggers whose blogs display impressive versatility ;)

Edmarie - Marie's Thoughts  

Silvergirl - Live for Life

Chano - Sayantifico

There you go !  I entrust you, my dearies, to link back to me when you pass this cool award to any blogger whom you wish to acknowledge and shower a little appreciation with.  I hope that through this award you spread around some blogosphere love :)



  1. hello. how are you? care to exlinks?

  2. waaaah...another award! i got a versatile award last 2 weeks i think and now a leibster award, wow!
    i'm speechless hahaha!
    thanks KM

  3. congrats girl... thanks for the award...

  4. Wow... Thanks for the award KM. Much appreciate it. Hope you enjoy hopping on my blog as well as I enjoy yours. :D

  5. Thank you for the award Ate KM! :)

    Appreciate it very much!

  6. Oh, Karen, thank you so much! This award stuff is pretty cool, huh? Also, MAJOR salamat for your kind words - you are such a sweetie! (((HUG)))

  7. you're all very much welcome, guys ! return the favor by passing it around and linking back to me ;) thanks !

  8. Thanks a lot, KM :) You inspire me every time... muaahhhuuugggzzzz :)

  9. Hi KM! I'm claiming the award now. Thank u so much for your kind appreciation of my blog site. :)


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