Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hi guys!   Guess what?  I created a new blog.  Yay!!!

And that's why I haven't been able to visit your blogs for the past couple of days *oopps, sorry*.  I was busy fixing up my new blog because I wanted to get it up and running this weekend, and guess what again?  I'm ready to go live. Hooray!!! Makes me feel glad because now that my new blog is ready, I can get back to all of you, my awesome blogging buddies, who left me here some comments, messages, and love ♥  Thank you, all!

Anyweiz, my new blog is mainly dedicated for meme.  Yes, I finally opened a meme - HAPPINESS IS... MEME.   Woohoo!  Basically, this meme - as the name implies - is for sharing "happy" posts.  You most likely have come across a similar meme already, but hey, who says we can't have an extra room for happiness? :)

Having said that, I invite everyone to be a happy camper and join me in this meme which will launch on Friday, June 06, 2010 EST.

You can read the whole shebang here:



Feel free to grab the badge above.  Hope to see y'all there ☻


  1. Hello ate KM! This will go live this friday na ba? Congrats sa new blog mo! I will be joining and supporting this meme. I love the theme! And yes, I agree sa sinabi mo the other day na sobrang dali lang. Plus inspiring pa ha. Makes us think of the happy memories and moments we had :)

  2. Finally! Didn't expect your new meme means a new blog for you too, KM. Congrats!

    Can't wait to share some happy moments with you all.


  3. KM congrats to your new blog..I like the title you chose.It's really inspiring.

  4. Woweeee!!! Congrats sis! Hehehe...

    I'm glad ant finally mai-launch mo na itong meme mo nato. I like the theme gaya ng sabi ni Algene inspiring...

    Good luck! Join na join ako dyan!

  5. tama.. ako naman me bago ng blog, pinag ppraktisan pa panu umayos .. he he, madami pa akong tutorials na dapat marinig.. he he, salamat sa inspiring blogs, tulad nito... =D

  6. Hi KM!! wonder what those two letters stand for! thanks for visiting my travel blog! Happy New Year to you too! i couldn't update my travel blog anymore, been so busy being a mommy! hehehe... anyways, im heading out to your new meme... and congrats to your new blog! wooot wooot!

  7. Hi KM!For sure that I will be joining your new meme. like u, I also came up with a new blog for 2012 pero di ko muna ito ilalabas kasi need pa ng final touches. Existing na din sya pero i still need t update. Hahaha! Thank u for visiting my blogs and for commenting. i'll see u very soon! hugz and congrats sa new blog and meme mo. Mwahhh...

  8. Uy! Malapit ng mag-kick off ang new meme mo, KM. Nag-iisip pako ng puede kong i-post for the grand launching, hehehe!

  9. Uy! Malapit ng mag-kick off ang new meme mo, KM. Nag-iisip pako ng puede kong i-post for the grand launching, hehehe!

  10. May I ask what time exactly magki-kick off ang Happiness Is Meme, KM? Is it Phil time or your time? Can we also link up to the old posts like what we used to do? Mukhang nakuha ko ata yang style na yan sayo, hehehe! But I've been meaning to publish a new post intended for the grand launching para uber happiness talaga, hehe!

  11. its TGIF. check and DONE. good morning me back please. thanks...


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