Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My mother (who lives in the Philippines) often asks me how many layers of clothing I put on during winter.  Hmmm...

Using this photo as a guide (this was taken in late December 2010 in North York, Ontario), I'm going to try my best to answer that question:

1.  Undies - of course!
2.  Stockings.
3.  Tights/long johns.
4.  Socks.
5.  Skirt.
6.  Undershirt/tank top.

7.  Long sleeves sweater top.

8.  TNA knee length parka - A bit pricey but definitely a very good investment.  Not only this jacket suits almost any get-up, this can also keep up well in colder weather.  Depending on the temperature, I use wool, leather, down, or hoodies as appropriate.
9.  Boots - It wasn't snowing at the time this picture was taken, so my kitten heels fashion boots were fine.  I have different pairs for other weather conditions like heavy snows, rain, etc.

Winter clothing essentials not seen in picture:

10.  Gloves or mittens - I prefer leather gloves.
11.  Scarf.
12.  Earmuffs - I don't usually wear these but yes, I have one.
13.  Tuque or beanie - Same with earmuffs, I don't usually wear one, and yes, I have a few, but as long as I'm wearing a furry hood, I'm good.

So, can you just imagine how painstaking it is to bundle up - even if you're just going out for a short time, say to throw the garbage - (and then undress when you get home!) on a freezing winter day?  My BFF said, "There's no shame in wearing long johns."  I totally agree, especially that temperature in Toronto do drop to as low as feels like -30 degrees Celsius.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


For a sneak peak of  what's inside my closet, please visit:

And nope, they're not for sale ☻



  1. Hi KM,
    Tell me about it...same here, first time I arrived here in US,I don't like winter because of all the clothes I have to wear.But now I like winter coz i could play in winter activities and more fun..thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Natawa ako sa first on the list ate KM. May Wednesday Apparel entry ka talaga halos every week :)

    Gusto ko ang outfit na yan kaso di bagay sa Pinas. :D

  3. Grabe pala jan sa US of A. Paano naman ang outfit pag summer jan?

  4. Grabe pala jan sa US of A. Paano naman ang outfit pag summer jan?

  5. I hear you KM dear but I don't bundle up as much as you do because it feels so heavy and I hate it. I never wear ear muffs only scarf and gloves :-)

  6. Naku medyo complicated naman pala ng get up pag winter! Kahirap!

    I can see that you are a winter fashionista though. Lol!

    Buti na lang at 2 klase lang ang weather ng Pinas...

    Salamat sa dalaw bago kong blog ha...

  7. Whoot? Ang daming susuotin! Nakakapagod siguro magsuot at maghubad niyan lahat! :)

  8. Hi KM! Mukang di ako tatagal dyan KM, madali akong ginawin eh. Kahit nga sa Pinas, lagi akong gumagamit ng hot shower sa pagligo ko. Baka pag ako, manigas ako dyan. Hahaha!

    But in fairness, you really had a good outfit in that photo! :)

  9. heavy naman! heavygat na nga ako saksakan pa ng makakapal ng damit ang isusuot pag winter! goodluck to me!! parang ayaw ko na mag US. lels! kulang pa isang oras ata magprepare!! haha

  10. ung mga me cold intolerance na gaya ko, mahihirapan sa lifestyle jan eh... pero tama, masarap maglaro sa snow.. :D

  11. Grabe pala sa dami ang dapat isuot pag ganyan kalamig. Di ba nakakabagal sa paglalakad pag ganyang patong patong ang suot? Pero sa totoo lang kung pwede lang sa pinas ang ganyang outfit nagsuot na ako. Ang ganda kasi e! hihihi!

  12. ang dami pala. mas burdensome nga daw gumayak pag winter.

  13. Nice getup Tita! Thanks for joining!

  14. Hi there! Visiting! It sures takes a lot of layers to warm up during the winter. I do love the cold season though. :)

    Adin B

  15. what a cute pose of you Sis KM, you dress nicely too :-) Visiting from Color Connection.

  16. Bundling up-- that's what I hate about Winter! I love the snow, but the coldness it brings demand a whole lot of bundling up. Now that I'm pregnant, mas lalong hassle! Waaaaaah! Pero grabe ka, KM, ang daming layers! I only put on:
    1) undies
    2) shirt/dress
    3) sweater if the shirt or dress doesn't have a long sleeve
    4) jacket
    5) if it gets below 20F, that's when I put on a legging underneath my pants. if it's above 30F, isang layer lang yung pants. hehe...
    6) socks, then boots!

    now that i've shortened my hair, a scarf is always a must have na. i rarely put on a hat and earmuffs too.


    with these being said, i want summer to come na talaga! LOL

    Visiting for RHT!

    Amaryllis Bulbs
    Spatula Handle
    Red Caddy

  17. looking hot Sis KM, yep! bundled-up is not fun but it will keep us stay warm :-) visiting from Red Hot Thursdays, hope that you can return the visit too.

  18. Nice photo!

    I've worn that thick too for cold icy winters in China. ^^

    Thanks for playing along last week. the entry this week is now up. I will invite you again to join us me.

  19. I am curious. Pano nyo nilalabhan ang ganyan kabigat at kadami, KM?

    1. Yung jackets, twice a year lang ako magpa dry clean - before and after winter. Yung iba, sa washing machine at dryer lang din. Nag-co-commute lang kasi ako noon sa Toronto kaya talagang nag-bu-bundle up ako pag super lamig, kasi minsan may mga byahe ng bus na madalang so mga 30 minutes ka maghihintay, eh kung freezing cold yun, snowman ka na bago pa dumating yung bus. Hehe!


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