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I have a very sedentary job.  I could basically spend a whole work shift, sitting in front of a computer, reading and typing reports.  If only a keyboard skill of 80 words per minute would qualify as a cardio workout, then there would really be no need for me to drag myself to hit the elliptical trainer and pump some iron after work days.  I remember a coworker, who is health conscious herself, once brought a pedometer just to get an idea how much miles we actually could rack up while in the office, and this kinda' made us get out of our chairs more frequent and even take walks during lunch breaks.

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I happened to read about this pretty fun challenge called Race to the Moon being hosted by Cafe Well and sponsored by Health America.  Race to the Moon is a corporate wellness plan which aims to promote health and fitness by encouraging participants to walk a combined total miles equivalent to the earth's distance from the moon.   Wireless pedometers are provided to participants to track their miles, and rewards, in the form of gift cards, coupons, and even outdoor adventure trips, await those who would reach certain goals.  Isn't that sweet?

Cafe Well is a social networking site whose focus is health and well being.  They offer advice on different health issues and  weight loss and provides information on setting up personal challenges and goals.  While Race to the Moon is currently available only to members of Health America in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia, anyone can still sign up at Cafe Well and benefit from all the useful things that the site offers including health tips, community support,  cooking ideas, and just about anything regarding a healthy lifestyle.

I have already succeeded jumping over the less-carbs-less-sweet, more-fruit-more veggies hurdle, but one thing I have really been struggling with is developing a regular exercise habit.  Honestly, going to the gym and working out has always been a challenge for me. It helps a lot to have an exercise buddy, therefore, if I would create a health challenge, it would be a work-out challenge between friends. I would get me and my exercise buddy a calendar to mark off the days when we exercise, and at the end of each month, we would find out who did a better job staying fit. Now, how's that for a challenge?  I'm happy that after more than half-a-year of sweating it out and modifying my eating habits, I reached my weight goal.  I know, getting there is just half the battle and staying in shape is another story.  One thing I do enjoy though is long leisure walks on a nice weather day,  so I think, as an alternative to the gym, I'm going to walk more often.  For all we know, my steps may even reach the moon and beyond ;)

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  1. Hi KM! This must be a cool site! Health and wellness should be our top priority!
    Congrats na din pala! :)Hehehe!

  2. Aba! Rumaraket on a Sunday, hehe! Well done, KM.

    uti ka pa at naregulate mo na ang kinakain mo. Pumupunta nga ako sa gym everyday pero naman! walang tigil sa kakanguya, LOL! I have gained back my weight after the holiday season kaya I am feeling a bit frustrated now kasi ang hirap magbawas uli. Sigh!

  3. Natawa ako sa comment ni ate Lainy. May racket rin pala on a Sunday. Sun na ba jan ate KM? Or Sat pa? :D

    Anyway, ang cool nga ng site. Chi-neck ko talaga ;)

  4. KM tara, gym buddy tayo.. pero pwede sa june na lang mag start..? he he

  5. yes, i was born, bred, and educated here in bicol/albay. bicolano ka rin ba? gandnag gabi. :)

  6. hi there, i really like your site. keep in touch.

  7. thank you for visiting im happy to here.

  8. Wish ko lang talaga makapag gym... Hehehe

    Congrats sa raket sis...

  9. Thanks sa mga comments nyo, guys :D Natawa ako sa comment ni Lainy na pati Sunday daw rumaraket ako. Lol. At korek ka jan, Algene, Sabado pa lang akchuali dito nung niraket ko 'to. Hehe!

    More opps for all of us. Cheers!


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