Thursday, February 20, 2014


My dearest son,

You turned 1 year old a few days ago. Let me tell you how we celebrated this milestone in our lives.

Last Saturday, your Dad and I threw a Super Why birthday party for you. We knew how much a big fan of Super Why you are, so we figured that that would be the most appropriate theme for your birthday bash. We could tell for sure that you were fascinated when you saw the Super Readers on your balloons, loot bags, banner, cake, piñata and other party supplies. You were supposed to wear a Super Why costume custom made but unfortunately the costume apparently never got done. No worries, my son, because you looked so charming anyway in the outfit you wore that day which your Dad and I picked for you ;)

Your Lolo G, Lola D and Auntie Ninang V flew from Canada, weathering the snowstorm, to celebrate with you as well.  The five of us joined forces in cooking, and decorating and preparing for your party. Your Dad arranged the catering service as well as the party chairs, tables, tent and bounce house rental. He also cooked veggie pasta salad. Your Lolo made spring rolls and pork garlic fried rice, which were the two most talked about items in the menu. Your Lola and Auntie Ninang made hotdogs with mallows and cheese on stick. I thought I'd let you know that I pulled an all-nighter to cook some meatballs and to make your birthday cake. It wasn't the prettiest or fanciest birthday cake but I'm proud to say that I put my best effort into it.

Although there were invited guests who confirmed to come yet no showed, overall, you had a good turn out. The kids had fun playing in the bounce house, so as the adults who played a game which they all enjoyed . The weather was a little bit on the chilly side but we were just thankful that the snowstorm was over then. Your Dad and I were very proud of you because you were so well behaved and good mannered during your party. There was no fussing, no tantrums, and no acting out from you. We were expecting otherwise knowing how crowds and other people make you feel uncomfortable and extra clingy to your Dad and I, but you did great, my son. You held up well throughout the party. One of my favorites was when we sang the birthday song and I blew the candle for you. It was just precious seeing you listen intently as we sang, and internalize that moment probably wondering what the heck was that commotion about. Hehe!

Your party ended but the celebration did not, especially that your actual birthday came two days after the party. The night before your birthday, we drove to St. Augustine, Florida. On your birthday, while your Lolo, Lola and Auntie Ninang explored the historic city, and while the two of us slept in at the hotel, your Dad went to the closeby Publix store and bought you a big cupcake and a candle. When you were finally awake and up, your Dad and I again sang you the birthday song (you were very much familiar with the song by that time), and we took pictures, and showered you with kisses and hugs. Later that afternoon, the six of us had a fancy dinner at Cap's by the beach. We had a nice family time together there. We obliged your grandparents and auntie to cap off the night with a trip to the outlet malls. Ssssshhhh... Hehe!

My son, you are now 1 year and a few days old. It seems like it was only yesterday when I became your Mom. You were just the size of your Dad's palm when we first took you home but now you've grown so much and has been walking and running around our house and anywhere. Life has never been the same since you came, and I want you to know that your Dad and I celebrate each second of every day because we have you in our life. Life has gotten better since you came, and the best has just begun. I'm looking forward to a beautiful lifetime that God will bless our family with. Your Dad and I love you very much.

All my love,



  1. Such a touching post from a loving mom. I am sure matutunaw ang puso ni Vonn Kaleb pag nabasa nya ang post na ito. Vonn's birthday was made extra special by the presence of Vince's family plus the effort that you all gave to make his party really really fun and memorable.

    Congratulations to you and Doc Vince for surviving the first year on your own. I don't think I could make it if I were on your shoes.

    Way to go Teh! Go lang ng go! Hugs and kisses to you and Vonn Kaleb isama mo na rin si Doc Vince. Hehehehe

  2. I can't believe it's been a year of motherhood for you, Teh and I must say you survived it with flying colors! My salutation to a loving Mom and responsible Dad in the person of your ever sweet and supportive husband, Dokie V.

    I have heard a lot of motherhood tales experienced by pals outside of our Lupang Hinirang and they always say it's never a walk in the park. You have to survive on your own unlike in the Philippines when it's easy to ask someone to give a hand on every little task. That's why I salute you all the more!

    But anyways, this post pala is for VK, not for you. Nyahahaha! Na-carried away kasi ko sa super touching mong sulat para kay VK, hihi! I can feel how proud you are as a Mom and I feel excited knowing all your motherhood experiences. Keep sharing. I am learning! Hahaha!



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