Monday, February 3, 2014


Wow, it has really been a while since I last blogged. Let's see if I still know how to do this...

I gave birth almost a year ago. Yes, I've jumped in to the motherhood bandwagon! Hence, you may ignore the blog header implying a pregnant woman, as I've long been over that phase. As to when I can find the time to edit my header, I guess, we just have to wait for now. Having said that, it's understandable why my blog has been dormant for so long except for that one copy/paste post which I managed to squeeze in between mommy duties. I do miss blogging -- not just writing in my blog, but most especially interacting with my blogging buddies and reading updates in their blogs. So, here I am in the wee (and unholy you may say) hours taking the chance to update this blog while my soon-to-be 1-year-old son sleeps in his room and my husband beside me dozing deeply and most likely in the abyss of dreamland currently.

So what does motherhood have in store for me?

1. Love at first sight. Imagine being in a relationship with someone whom you basically did everything with together for nine months -- eating, taking a bath, working, shopping -- not a single thing you did that you weren't with that person, you even breathed together! He was so close to you he heard every heartbeat of yours. You were so attached to him, you felt his every move, even his hiccups! Nine months and yet neither of you have seen each other during that time. Then one day, you finally got to see his face... and you finally got to hold him, kiss him, hear his cry, talk to him and look him in the eyes... and seeing him turn his head as he recognized your voice -- the voice he had heard for nine months that he was inside the womb. The feeling is amazing.

2. My love for my husband grows more and more each day. Each ache and pain that accompanied my pregnancy, from sciatica to burning gastritis all the way through contractions and post partum soreness, he was always there with me and for me and our son. From the first breastfeeding until the most recent diaper change and the back-breaking bath times and all the unlimited supply of tantrums and unexplainable colicky fussing in between, he was there. A lot of times I was literally at my wit's end tearing my hair but my husband's love and devotion to me and our son kept me sane. Parenthood could get so hectic crazy, and for us who has no extended family around readily available to lend us a hand, Vince and I have learned to value and love each other more as we in tandem raise our son. I'm thankful for that because it defines our relationship more.

3. It is life changing. I understand that not having a child is the way that some people choose to go and I have no negative thing to say about that (unless of course it's intentional abortion, then I have a different view on that), but there really are wonderful things I only came to fully realize and understand when I became a parent. Emotions and fears I thought I knew? I only truly felt them once I became a mom. Now I can proudly say that I know better because I really do. Parenthood is a hashtag-feather-in-a-cap kind of thing. Some of my perspectives have changed simply for the fact that I now have a child who is so precious to my heart and whose life depends on me. It is life changing also in the aspect that date nights for Vince and me now meant grocery shopping and dinner out together as a family, traveling light meant umbrella stroller and booster chair versus bulky stroller and high chair, movie marathon meant Super Why marathon, mini van versus car, takeouts instead of fine dining sit-in, double bed replaced by a king bed (ooohlala!), Coach versus Carter's... yeah, I'm sure you TOTALLY get what I mean, IF you're a parent *wink wink*. It is challenging most of the time for Vince and me (and probably for Vonn Kaleb too, yikes!) but at the end of the day, we lay in our bed with full and perky hearts because there is just a certain je ne sais quoi bliss that parenthood brings.

Well, I'm positive that what I have in my list is nothing but short compared to what veteran moms may have in theirs. I'm only at my first year of motherhood yet I can attest already that it entails so much emotion, so much effort, so much strength, so much courage, so much everything that it's not possible to capture in one blog post what it has in store for one. As I grow into motherhood each day, I'm expecting to discover more new things, new fears, and new feelings. If there's anything that motherhood had already taught me, I have learned that owning a child gives new meaning to life. It's upping life to a different level of wonderful and awesome. Now I understand why having a child (or more) is truly one of the greatest blessings one can have, and that every child is a gift from God.

Well, well, well. What do you know, after the long hiatus, I still know how to blog :)


  1. I am so happy to have finally read some updates from this blog Teh.

    I couldn't agree more with you because every line from this post takes me to the same experiences I had with Bella. Our kids taught us a lot of many firsts lessons in life - lessons that we will never learn if we weren't moms.

    Let me congratulate you and Doc Vince for a job well done Teh. Looking forward to read more from this blog ... actually, na miss lang kita teh. Hehehe

    Hugs and kisses to you and Vonn!

  2. Hola Teh! Finally! Is this a come back post na ba?

    I was able to read this while I was on the train this morning on my way to work. I feel very happy for you. You are an epitome of one proud and happy Mommy and wife. Cheers to that!

    Though I am yet to be a mother myself, I can feel your excitement for the future things that you are yet to experience. Brace yourself for more exciting things to come. Would be good if you can update us through your blog. Naeexcite din ako for you eh. Hahaha!

    Nakakamiss ang mga huntahan natin sa blog haha! It feels great to read an update from you. Will be looking forward for more.


  3. Sumisilip lang dito Teh. Actually, mangungulit lang ng bagong update about sa ating poging baby Vonn. Hehe

    Maraming salamat sa pagdalaw sa aking blog na walang update Teh. Hehehe. Na excite lang ako at bonggang bongga na naman ang header natin ;)

    More updates please!!!! Mwah!

  4. Ngayong araw, nagbrowse ako ng email. Usually, pag wala namang message from a DA or free stuff chorva update, naglologout nako. But nung nakita ko ang titulo ng blog na ito, napatambling tlga ko sa tuwa at napasabi ng "aba! May update na ang bruha after decades and decades!" So eto ko ngayon, hindi napigilang kumumento sa napakagandang akda mo. Natutuwa naman ako sa naisulat mo at nasuma mong lahat sa isang panulat ang buong panahon na hiatus ka. Well, ako man wala pa din update sa aking pagbubuntis. Pero ang hiling ko ay sana masabi ko din yang mga nasabi mo. Sa totoo lang medyo kinabahan ako sa mga karanasan mo na siguradong mararanasan ko. Hihilain ko rin kaya ang buhok ko sa hirap ng sitwasyon? O kakalbuhin ko na lang ang ulo ko? haha.

    Pero hinangaan kita dahil kinaya mo ang maging ina nang walang ibang tulong ng mga kaanak kundi mga nakaw na saglit lng sa busy mong asawa. Mabuti na lng talaga at may Doc Vince na abot abot ang suporta at pinananatili ka nyang sane sa kabila ng lahat.

    Ang masasabi ko lang. Ikaw na. Ikaw na teh ang dakilang ina, asawa at maybahay! Eto ang korona. Isa pa palang korona at marunong ka pa ding magblog! Missumuch!

  5. Maligayang pagbabalik KM! Bonggang bongga ang unang post na ito. Kidding aside, I could feel in every line in this post how happy and contented you are being a mother and a wife. That shows naman sa aura mo noh? :) Being a veteran Mom myself, I could only tell this...what you are undergoing right now is just a start of a long journey being a Mom. As you go along, you will be facing more joys and adventures as you struggle to be a perfect Mom to your kids. Sabi nga nila mahirap pagsabayin ang pagiging wife at mother. In my case, hubby has been an OFW for a long time and I could only treasure those days na nakabakasyon sya but the rest, I had a great time as a Mom. It's a wonderful feeling that I wouldn't trade for anything else in this world. It's hard to explain but basta masarap maging Nanay. Sabi nga nung dating beauty queen..the essence of a woman is being a Mother. That's very true!! I'm looking forward to reading more posts on your journey as you embark in a more rewarding career as a first time Mom. Cheers!

  6. Ang masasabi ko lang Teh sa yo din dapat ang korona sa bonggang- bongga mong comment!

    Hindi naman halata na pini-pressure nating mag post ng post si Teh KM diba? Hehehe

    Group Hug na!

  7. Wala na akong masabi.. parang nasabi na nila lahat! :) Masaya lang ako at andito na ang isa sa pinaka-favorite kong blogger! Welcome back Ate KM! :)


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