Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Since our family has grown (by two tiny feet), the full-sized bed we used to sleep in has become too crowded for three people. Vonn Kaleb sleeps in his crib in his own room for the most time, however, there are times when all three of us would like to cuddle and take a nap in the bed together. You could just imagine how cramped we were in that old full-sized bed! Vince and I are also expecting that as Vonn Kaleb becomes a toddler, some nights he will have bad dreams, nightmares and/or monsters under his bed that will send him barging in our room and will end up sleeping in our bed with us, so a bigger bed is definitely in order. That being said, we recently bought a new bedroom set, and I am soooo loving the king-sized sleigh bed we have now!

7 feet wide! Yeah, baby, yeah!
On a side note, I'm thinking of putting valances on the windows.
I just can't decide which color and style to get. Any suggestion?
Pardon my enthusiasm over a piece of furniture, but I just can't help it. Hehe! For the longest time, we slept in a full-sized bed which I bought in 2009 from way back in Toronto. I was never really bothered by the size of it until Vonn Kaleb came along. We initially thought of getting a queen instead of a king but then we realized that we're planning to add at least a couple more feet to our family, so might as well go big!

Lots of room for Vonn Kaleb to roll and tumble over. LOL!
Because we love matching furniture, we prefer buying collection or sets than piece by piece. We had previously bought the formal dining room set (which I will feature in a separate post) from the same North Shore collection as the bedroom set. The entertainment center in the North Shore living room collection was unfortunately too small for our TV, so we instead bought from a different collection. Also, we didn't buy the chaise and bench because we thought they are a little bit huge and I don't want to jam pack our bedroom with bulky furniture, but honest-to-goodness, I really think the bench does look nice by the foot of the sleigh bed, so I think I'm buying that in the future. Hehe! What we bought with the king bed from the bedroom collection though were the nightstand, chest and dresser... and here they are, tadaaaahhh!

I love the traditional style of this furniture collection.
So classic, charming and elegant looking.
And finally, the dresser, which is somewhat tall for me...
but of course, at 5 feet 1 inch, I'm vertically challenged,
so there are a lot of things in this world that are just too tall for me.
So there you go. Thanks for allowing me to share our new loot. Hehe! If you recall, I blogged a similar post to this and shared pictures of the living room set Vince and I bought when we were just starting as married couple back in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. You can find that post here: WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN. We recently bought our first house and so aside from parenthood duties we've been really busy putting ourselves into our new home, decorating and trying our best to make it a pleasing, comfortable and cozy abode as much as we can. For posterity's sake, I hope to blog and share more pictures of our new home as we try to enhance it aesthetically. Until then!


  1. Bonggang bongga naman ang furniture set na yan Teh! Pasalamat ka kay Vonn Kaleb! Hahaha.

    I love the idea of having a King Size bed lalo na at may chikiting. For now nasa Queen size pa lang kami but we utilize the foam direct to our bed sa takot na mag batang malikot na mahulog sa kama.

    Hopefully when Bella is big enough pwde na ding magkama. Nakakatuwa at sinisipag lang mag update Teh. Keep it up!

    Kisses to our darling Vonn Kaleb na kaka 1st birthday lang. Looking forward to read your post about his super exciting 1st birthday party. Nakakatuwa ang support ng family ni Vince :)

  2. How nice of that Teh! We have gotten a full bed twice since we got married. But yes! A king-sized bed must be in order for a growing family like yours. MAtchy- matchy pala ang feel mo, hihi! Ako naman eh contrast ang peg. Hihi!

    I shall be waiting for your next saga on fully furnishing your house. As of now, kami nasa kuarto palang nag-uumpisa. Believe it or not, sa table lamps palang, it's been more than a month of hunting. I feel frustrated that I can't find the size and style that I want. I am looking to have a contemporary look in the room with our newly purchased bed. Slowly but not so sure. Hahahaha!


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