Thursday, February 27, 2014


In anticipation of my return to work next week, and because I haven't mustered enough courage (or more of I chose not to?) to entrust my son to a nanny who can provide care for him while I work at home, I bought a play yard. I know, right, that sounds kinda' lame... like what does a play yard have to do with me going back to work, but oh well, here's how his new play yard looks like.

The play yard set includes 8 panels and may be set up using 4, 6 or 8 panels.
It can be set up in various shapes such as octagon, pentagon, L,
rectangle or square.
It also came with decals but according to reviews, they peeled off easily and posed as choking hazards, so I didn't bother sticking those decals on.

Our house is not fully baby proof. We had put several corner foams on some of the furniture as well as on one of his toys, and some electrical outlet covers here and there but that's just about it. Other than those, there are furniture and appliances everywhere in our house which pose safety risk to my son, most especially now that he is already walking and running. That's why Vince and I have been on our feet a lot following him around making sure he is always safe.

The size of the play area may be increased or decreased by adding or reducing the panels.
For a really large play area, use two or more sets.
The play yard has suction cups at the bottom of each panel for when used on hardwood floors, laminate or tiles.
I placed it on carpet and it seemed sturdy enough and is holding well so far.
Supervision is recommended as for all child equipment and toys. Never leave child alone!

You'd think that because Vonn Kaleb has his own room, his parents would be wise enough to baby proof it. Of course, we weren't. We put a TV set there, a dresser, a glider and ottoman, a small coffee table... what were we thinking, right? So, thank goodness, the play yard somewhat baby proofs his nursery in that I can corral him and restrict his area of play away from those hazard potentials. Honestly, if only I had known this before, I would have bought this sooner, so that by now, he'd be very much used to it. I'm hoping and praying that he would love his play yard to bits, so that by next week and forward, I can sit in the corner with my laptops and get my work done while Vonn Kaleb entertains himself with his mine of toys inside his play yard. I had set it up yesterday afternoon as soon as FedEx delivered it, but Vonn Kaleb has not had the chance to fully break it in. He played in it for a short time and it seemed as he tolerated it fine. I'm really hoping that he gets used to it because, my gosh, this boy, oh boy, tsk tsk tsk...  I don't even know where to begin on how fussy, fidgety, naughty, bratty and ACTIVE this boy could be! He took his first steps at 11 months, and now he's already running and climbing up steps. I could follow him all around the house and guide him as he racks up his miles but with me going back to work FULL TIME next week, I don't think that's possible anymore :(

Entering the play yard through the door.
Anyway, when we got home from church yesterday evening, while I was preparing Vonn Kaleb's dinner, Vince taught Vonn Kaleb how to get in and out of the play yard through the door (which, by the way, I wasn't surprised that Vince did that. Between the two of us, he's the supportive parent in terms of Vonn Kaleb's explorations. Overly supportive, in my opinion, at times. In my defense, my limits to his explorations are reasonable. I am the Mom after all. Hehe!).

The proud Dad took pictures of the little boy getting in and out the door, and while I was looking at those pics, I thought to myself, "Uh oh... Now that Vonn Kaleb knows about that door, he will definitely want to go in and out again and again and over and over, and guess who has to suffer the consequences? Mommy. Yay?! ...and that's exactly why I didn't show Vonn Kaleb that door the first time! Ayayay!"  Oh dear! In fairness, I think the door made it more interesting for him to play there. Good job, Dad! :)

Exiting the play yard through the door.
I guess I'm gonna have to keep my fingers crossed and pray with all my might that this play yard save the day... and if not, I'm hoping that the second set of play yard I ordered will do the trick. Yes, you read that right, I went ahead and bought another set. These play yards better work or else I'll bang my head on the wall! I'm telling you, the baby products industry is making a fortune out of desperate, helpless, first time parents like me. LOL.
The little boy was in and out in no time!

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  1. Yay! Looks like you're all set to go back to work Teh. I like the idea of the play yard and I hope it will work on your super active Little Vonn Kaleb Teh. Hehehe. Pinabongga pa at nagdagag ka pa ng isang set ha. Hehehe

    Well, good luck sa pagiging WAHM Teh. If you really want to keep your work at hindi masyadong ma haggard pwde ka ring kumuha ng somebody to take care of the chores.

    Keep us updated with your WAHM experiences Teh ha. Hugs and kisses to you and Vonn Kaleb.


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