Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Last Friday, Vince and I babysat for our friends. Their family had babysat Vonn Kaleb a couple of times previously, so we happily returned them the favor. We babysat two of their girls, a 4-year-old and an 8-month-old.

The girls behaved very well. Vonn Kaleb kinda' behaved himself too. He was fussy in the beginning. As usual, he gets antsy when there are "other" people within touching distance around him. I'm telling you, he sees these girls twice a week at church and he's known them all his life, but still! Funny how when the girls started playing with his toys that he sort of tried to interrupt them to take his toys from them. At one point while I was in our bedroom, I heard Vince told one of the girls, "Sorry, Rosalind, Vonn Kaleb doesn't know how to share yet." 

I  felt nauseated all of a sudden while babysitting and we thought I had the flu bug, so I stayed away from the kids and kept myself in our room. I felt bad that Vince had to care for the three kids by himself and also take care of his big sick baby (moi) but he did great. He told me that Vonn Kaleb did okay with the girls. He didn't really play with them but he tolerated being around the girls without any fussing and acting out from him. 

Earlier that night, when our friends dropped off the girls to us, they gave us several homemade cheesecake squares. It was really good, I craved for more; so later that night after the girls went home, I cranked up the oven and baked some brownie cheesecake.

The recipe I followed to make this brownie cheesecake was delicious. The only tweak I will do next time I bake this is reduce the amount of sugar in the brownie fudge batter. It wasn't overly sweet but I find it to be a notch up than my preferred level of dessert sweetness. More than the yum of this brownie cheesecake, I was just happy that I was able to do something that I love doing -- baking! :)


  1. Good job Doc Vince!

    Kailangan na ni Vonn Kaleb ng kapatid Teh. Hehehe. Ang saya naman na kahit walang kapamilya pwdeng mga kaibigan ang mag babysit sa mga anak mo. It's nice to have good friends talaga.

    Parang ang ganda at ang sarap ng cheesecake Teh. Share mo recipe mo next time. Buti ka pa nakakapag bake pa ako hanggang ngayon pangarap pa din. Hehehe

  2. Welcome back to blogging Mommy KM :-) your baby Vonn Kaleb is so handsome and those dimples....girls are in trouble :-)


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