Friday, March 21, 2014


This used to be work station is now but an empty desk
and a memory from my recent past. Hehe!
My son doesn't like staying within the confines
of his room, so I now work from wherever
I can have a good eyeball of Vonn Kaleb when
he's exploring the house and playing.
I'm at my third week of being back to work, and it has been a crazy roller coaster ride for me. Getting myself set up remotely, trying to go through more than 800 messages in my inbox (now down to 700ish, probably it will turn my hair all grey before I get to read all of them), keeping up with the workload, dealing with all that's "new" at work (technically they're not new - they came after I left for maternity leave, so they're new to me), and all the old stuff including putting in extra hours... oh my! It's no doubt that I still got my work mojo but with Vonn Kaleb now around, it's a whole new different ball game. 

I maybe over achieving here by trying so hard to be the hashtag-super-diva-stay-slash-work-from-home-mom-of-all-time (which I know I'm not even close to being one -- and wait, will that title even fit on a sash???) but what do I do? I love my son and I really love being a hands-on mom to him. Just the same, I hate to pass up the opportunity of a job I love doing especially that I get to do it from home. It sounds like a really win-win situation but then it's also a why can't I have my cake and eat it kind of deal.

I'm not going to deny that I am having a tough time doing double duty as a full-time SAHM and WAHM. So word to the wise: It is doable but helter skelter toxic. Days are shorter, nights are shorter, sleeps are shorter, temper gets shorter, and you can just forget about naps and sometimes even your bladder! There is just no rest for the weary. LOL.

And of course, I dare not forget my husband who has been an integral part of the equation. Without him, there'd be no me blogging right now. Nada. Nil. Vamos. I probably would have already been locked up in an assylum somewhere isolated and pulling my hairs. Hehe!

Anyway, I'm still sane and breathing, so I guess, I'm alright. Thank God for being my strength and for enabling me to do what I do. I pray for His guidance each day and for His wisdom and knowledge so that I can do what I need to do and what He wants me to do.  It's hard to predict how each of my days will go -- some days are way harder than others -- but thank God for His faithfulness, He always carries me through. At the end and beginning of each day, I get to praise God and say to the world, "I'm a survivor, so bring it on!" :)


  1. Ha ha! Praise God you/we are alive!!! LOL! welcome BACKing to BLOG :) #supermom

  2. You're doing pretty well Teh so I guess ikaw na nga ang diva! Isabit na natin ang sash! Hahaha! Akalain mo yon? You're working remotely around the house and looking after VK at the same time yet you're still able to update your blog, join ABH and still manage to chat with me at imessage or viber. Ikaw na talaga yan Teh! Hahaha! May superpowers ka ba? Your adrenaline rush must be pumping so hard!

    My blogging mojo is on and off depending on my energy and emotions kaya till now di pa tayo nagkikita sa ABH. Hahaha! Later pag nagDST na kami, sana makaya mo pang isama sa toxic sked mo ang magclose ng thread. Lol!

  3. Glad to see you back to work Karen. It's a great thing to be able to work at home, you get to be with your child. It's difficult but manageable, sanayan lang yan..

  4. Hahaha! Natawa naman ako ng bongga sa post na eto especially doon sa "hashtag-super-diva-stay-slash-work-from-home-mom-of-all-time -- and wait, will that title even fit in a sash???). LOL

    I must admit that after reading a few lines I was expecting to read a decision whether to give up working, etc. but I am so happy that in the end you chose to keep both roles and survive each day with flying colors. Hahaha

    I can so relate to it now that I'm working (part-time) but I must say my role is not as hard as yours dahil kahit walang yaya si Bella nandito ang parents ko and nephew to help pero relate na relate ko yung patience gets shorter Teh. Hehehe. Minsan natataasan ko ng boses si Bella pag ayaw sumunod buti na lang nare-remind ako dahil she keeps on saying "please don't shout Nanay" and "please Happy (smile) lang ka Nay". Naawa na lang ako at natutunaw ang puso sa sweet at innocent request.

    Our bittersweet experiences as a Mom. Congratulations for surviving 3 weeks Teh. Way to go! Hehe

  5. wow, you've got a nice dining table set. welcome back to blogging


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