Tuesday, March 25, 2014


When Vince and I finally moved out of an apartment to a house about a year-and-a-half ago, it was just the perfect time for us to buy our very first formal dining room set. We are the kind of people who love to entertain and have friends come over to our place for dinners and any sort of get-togethers, so it was important for us to have a nice set of formal dining room furniture that will sit at least 8 people or so. Since we were new in the area that time, we had to do several trips to a few local furniture stores back and forth and back and forth until we found one that we really liked and fit in our budget. It helped a lot too that our favorite local furniture store offers financing options such as 0% interest rate for 18 months, which then allowed us to buy not only a formal dining room set but as well as a living room set, an entertainment center, and a youth bed and mattress in one big purchase without us having to empty our pockets up to the single cent upfront. In that regard, I would like to put out this disclaimer that when buying anything, I believe that it is always in your best interest to buy in cash so as not to put yourselves in any sort of debt that you may not be able to pull yourselves out from, but nowadays in this day and time we're living in, credit, when used wisely, has advantages too in terms of managing your finances.

Anyhoo without any further ado, let me share pictures of our formal dining room set:

This dining table is supposedly a 10 to 12-seater.  We initially bought only six dining chairs because the house we were renting previously did not have enough space to accommodate more than that. When we moved to our own house in December 2013, we bought two more dining chairs to make it an 8-seater. More seats mean more guests can sit ;)

This furniture set is actually Vince's choice. My first bet was something similar to this set but has a more feminine look in terms of the details and shape. What I admire most is the classic and elegant look of this set especially the two-piece buffet/China cabinet. 

Every now and then, I put table cloths and linens mainly to protect the table and to dress it as well. Recently, we wanted to showcase the beauty of the dining table, so we left it pretty much bare other than the short table runner and candle holder centerpiece to accentuate it.

The formal dining area lacks a beautiful chandelier to match the furniture, so we purchased a sale from an online store, and we're getting it ready to be installed by an electrician. 
If you would remember, in a recent post, I shared pictures of our new bedroom furniture. I mentioned there that our dining room and bedroom set are from the same collection. If you want to read more about that, you can find that post HERE.

Also, about three or four weeks ago, we bought a casual dining room set (a different collection this time) for the breakfast nook, and a couple of floor lamps for the living room, at the same furniture store where we bought our previous furniture sets. We're awaiting for those to be delivered and once we got them all set up at home, I will blog and share pics of them here. Until then, I bid you good day and thanks for reading! ☺☻☺


  1. Lovely!

    Good to see your back blogging KM :)

  2. Wow! Ang ganda naman ng dining set nyo Ate KM! Pwede ba makikain jan? Hehehe!

    Very elegant. ♥

  3. The formal dining set is indeed very classy and elegant Teh. nai- imagine ko na ang mga formal gatherings with toasting of wine and the like! Hehehe

    Ang bongga ng taste ninyo ni Doc Vince pagdating sa furniture Teh :)

  4. Very intricate design, Teh! Happy new dining set! Dapat lang bongga yan para sa new castle nyo :-)

    Re: Financing. I mentioned that to the Prince when you commented about it on my blog. He was insisting there are still apparent surcharges even if it states 0%. Naku! This man talaga hates debt kaya we have to get something within our means. Kung ano lang yong cash on hand, yon na yon. I am just too glad that we live modestly and only within our means. I experienced it in the Philippines, kaliwa't kanan ang credit cards ko and like most credit cardholders, I spent beyond my means and before I knew it, I was in the bottomless pit called DEBT. I had to pay it all before I left the country and I vowed never to own one again which suits the lifestyle of the hubs who does not believe in credit. LOL!

    Anyways, you're right to emphasise to use credit wisely. It ultimately serves the purpose when exercised with caution.

    O sya! Kelan mo kami kukumbidahan na mag dinner dyan? LOL!


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